By | July 28, 2023

How to Abbreviate International

The abbreviation for “international” is “int’l” or “intl.” Both “int’l” and “intl.” are commonly used to represent the word “international” in a shortened form.

For example:

  • The company has established an int’l branch in Europe.
  • The conference will host speakers from various intl. organizations.

Both “int’l” and “intl.” are accepted abbreviations, and you can use either of them based on your preference or the specific style guide you are following. “Int’l” is more commonly used in informal writing, while “intl.” is used in more formal or professional contexts.

When using these abbreviations, it’s generally recommended to use a space between the abbreviation and any other word or punctuation for improved readability. For example, “int’l branch,” not “int’lbranch” or “intlbranch.”

As with any abbreviation, ensure that your audience is familiar with the abbreviation you’re using to avoid any confusion. In formal or academic writing, it’s often best to use the full word “international” for clarity and professionalism.