2019 University of Zululand (Unizulu) Online Registration

By | November 23, 2017

2019 University of Zululand (Unizulu) Online Registration

Please note that you cannot register as a student if you have not applied through the Central Applications Office (CAO) for admission to study at UNIZULU.

As first time entering student, the process of registration may seem overwhelming, yet it is actually a very easy process and the university will ensure that we guide you every step of the way.


Carefully read the information as contained on this page and brochure and also consider the University website which will provide clarity on the entire registration process.

First Year Registration

  • January 15 – 19, 2018


1. Every person wishing to enroll as a student shall register for one year or such shorter period as the Council generally or in a particular case may determine, and after the expiry of such period of registration he/she shall renew his/her registration if he/she wishes to remain a student of the University

2. The Council prescribes the minimum requirements of study with which any person shall comply before he/she will be permitted –

(a) to renew his/her registration at the University in accordance with subrule (1); and

(b) if he/she is registered as a student at the University, to attend or continue to attend the University as a student.

3. Every person who is registered shall pay the prescribed fees, and by signing the registration form submits himself/herself to the rules of the University.

4. The complete curriculum that a student intends following shall be set out on the faculty prospectus and approved by the dean of the faculty concerned before student is admitted to a module or studies

5. An approved curriculum may be modified subject to the rules applicable at the time of modification.
The application fee is payable to the University of Zululand and must be paid to the following account:

6. A student who wishes to register at this University for the first time shall submit a certificate of satisfactory conduct from the institution that he/she may have previously attended before registering at this University.

7. The last date for registration is stipulated in the calendar, after which no person shall be registered, or shall qualify to register for more than a limited number of modules in a specific year or semester.

8. To avoid the cancellation of his/her registration a student who is registered provisionally must comply with all the conditions of his/her provisional registration not later than the end of May.


1. Except with the special permission of the Senate a student shall not, in the same academic year, register for more than one degree, diploma or certificate, or be registered as a student of another university for degree or diploma purposes.


2. The University will allow a student to change his/her registration from one faculty to another provided that:

(a) He/She applies in good time to be re-registered at the beginning of the next year for the new degree;

(b) He/She applies for formal recognition of modules passed for the original degree;

(c) An undergraduate student may not change registration from one faculty to another more than twice



The Senate may –

(a) admit a graduate of another university (whether in the Republic or elsewhere) to a status at the university equivalent to the status which he/she possesses at such other university; and

(b) admit as a candidate for the postgraduate degree or a postgraduate diploma, any person

(i) who has passed at any other university or institution (whether in the Republic or elsewhere) such assessments as in its opinion are equivalent to or higher than assessments prescribed for a degree of the University which is a prerequisite for admission to a specific postgraduate module of study;or

(ii) who has in any other manner attained a level of competence which in its opinion is adequate for the purposes of postgraduate studies.

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