By | November 23, 2017

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) applications for 2019 opens on the 1st August 2018.

Students who wish to apply for financial aid for 2019 need to make an online application for funding by logging onto the NSFAS website – 


Students who have received NSFAS loans in 2018 will be automatically migrated to the NSFAS 2019 application process and DO NOT need to submit financial aid applications again for 2019.

The following categories of students ARE required to complete the NSFAS application process if they wish to be considered for NSFAS loans in 2019:

  • All first time applicants for NSFAS funding
  • All students who received bursaries in 2018
  • All students who were not NSFAS loan recipients in 2018
  • Students who received “Allowances Only” assistance in 2018.

Before commencing your NSFAS on line funding application on the NSFAS website – – you must scan a copy of your ID document as you will need to upload it as an attachment.  NSFAS will advise students of any additional supporting documents that need to be attached with the application.

The NSFAS call centre team is available to assist you with any queries and you may call them on 086 006 7327 or email


The guidelines relating to entrants and returning students who wish to apply for financial aid are explained above.  Applications for financial aid must be done on the NSFAS website – and NSFAS will respond to applicants in January before registration.

Depending on your family income, and on your academic progress, UKZN may award you a bursary or a scholarship. There is never sufficient funding for all applicants and all applicants are financially screened and listed in academic priority.

Follow the instructions exactly with regard to information required, documents requested, and deadline dates.


Note that we try to give opportunities to as many people as possible so we do NOT offer funding if you already have a degree at the level at which you intend to study or if you already have a post-graduate vocational qualification, or if you are registering part-time or for a “self-funding course”.