Tshwane University Of Technology Time Table

Tshwane University Of Technology Time Table

  • TUT Building Sciences Time Tables

NDip: Building Sciences Y3


BTech: Construction Management Day Classes

BTech: Quantity Surveying Evening Classes

Masters of Building Science

  • TUT Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Time Tables

BTech: Chemical Engineering

NDip: Metallurgical Engineering

Foundation: Metallurgical Engineering Repeaters

  • TUT Civil Engineering Timetables

NDip: Civil Engineering

BEngTech: Civil Engineering

  • TUT Electrical Engineering Timetables

NDip: Electrical Engineering

BTech: Electrical Engineering Day Classes
  • TUT Geomatics Timetables
  • TUT Industrial Engineering Programmes Timetable

NDip: Industrial Engineering

BTech: Industrial Engineering Day Classes

BTech: Industrial Engineering Evening Classes

BTech: Industrial Engineering

MTech: Industrial Engineering

MTech: Building Bridging Course

Master of Engineering in Engineering Management

  • TUT Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Industrial Design Timetables

Higher Certificate: Mechanical Engineering

NDip: Mechanical Engineering

Foundation: Mechanical Engineering Repeaters

BEngTech: Mechanical Engineering

BTech: Mechanical Engineering

NDip: Mechatronics

Foundation: Mechatronics Repeaters

BEngTech: Mechatronics

BTech: Mechatronics

Industrial Design

  • TUT Business and Information Management Services Timetables