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Today’s economy is dominated by service organisations, such as hotels, guest houses, lodges and restaurants. Service organisations are challenged by the simple fact that service quality and service value are not defined by hospitality managers and their employees, but is determined by the guest (Ford and Heaton, 2000).

Hospitality is in essence a very simple business. As an employee you need to know what your guest expects in terms of service and products, how you are going to use your establishment’s/organisational resources to satisfy these expectations and what can you do to provide a little more than expected to put your organisation in a competitive advantage.


The aim of the qualification Hospitality Management is to provide the student with the following knowledge and experience: Understanding the principles of hospitality management; Understanding the service quality and value guests expects; Understanding the principles and guidelines managers need to manage and run hospitality organisations well:

During their studies students will be placed in hospitality organisations, such as hotels, guest house etc. where they will have the opportunity to gain practical training and experience from industry. Being exposed to industry is adding value as these students will be in demand for jobs after completing their qualification.

TUT and the Department of Hospitality Management is committed to the core values of customer services, creativity and innovation as well as excellence.

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  • Magister Technologiae: Food and Beverage Management
  • Doctor Technologiae: Food and Beverage Management
  • Magister Technologiae: Food and Nutrition
  • Doctor Technologiae: Food and Nutrition
  • National Diploma: Hospitality Management
  • National Diploma: Hospitality Management (Extended curriculum programme with foundation provision)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Hospitality Management
  • Magister Technologiae: Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Subject information (overview of syllabus)