Rhodes University Stanley kidd

Rhodes University Stanley kidd

Please feel free to navigate around the site using the links in the top navigation bar. We also have a private Stanley Kidd House facebook page which the guys use to keep in contact with each other and to inform the residents of upcoming sporting or social events. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to the house warden.

The House Today

Stanley Kidd is proud to be part of the Nelson Mandela Hall. We currently have 51 students in two different buildings within the Hall grounds. These buildings are named Stanley Kidd Main House and Stanley Kidd Annexe 1. A picture of the main house can be seen in the picture to the right. The residence consists of 51 single rooms (31 in Main House and 20 in the Annexe). Each building has complete wifi coverage, allowing students with their own computers to connect to the internet. There is also a communal web kiosk in the foyer of the main house, as well as a res printer.

The house has 2 common rooms with DSTV, a table tennis table, a pool table and a social bar. The common rooms are situated in an exterior building (with ablution facilities and a braai area), which allows the students to unwind on evenings, weekends or during big sporting matches without disturbing those who wish to have an early night in or are working in their rooms.

The Men of Stanley Kidd House

As with all the residences in campus, it is the people that make the residence more than the building itself. The men in Stanley Kidd live by a simple rule of respecting themselves and respecting those around them. Many students often refer to the other students in res being more like brothers than neighbours. There are plenty of activities through out the year to keep the students entertained, such as res braai’s, inter-res sports, internal league soccer, etc.

Stanley Kidd House was named after Professor A. Stanley Kidd.

Prof A. Stanley Kidd was originaly a staff member at St Andrews College in Grahamstown. “He joined St Andrews as Mr A. Stanley Kidd, B.A, late Exhibitioner from St John’s College, Cambrigde. Before proceeding to Cambridge Mr Kidd took 1st Class Honours in Classics at Victoria University. In the Classical Tripos at Cambridge he was placed in the 1st Division of the School Class, and he obtained a Third Class in the Moral Science Tripos (Part II). Before leaving for Grahamstown he was holding the post of Classical Lecturer at Univeristy College, Sheffield.” (S. Andrew’s College Magazine, December, 1899, Vol. XXI, No 4, pg 112)

Along with Prof A Matthews, Prof G. Cory and Prof G. Dingemans; he started Rhodes University College in 1904. In 1951 Rhodes University College became known as ‘Rhodes University’.

Stanley Kidd was born on the 29 January 1869. He was a professor simultaneously of Greek, Latin, English, History and Philosophy. As time went on, Stanley Kidd was able to settle down and become the Professor of English only.He served on the university senate for many years and was part of influencial decisions that shaped Rhodes to the university it is today. P Haworth succeeded A. Stanley Kidd in 1924 once Kidd had retired from Senate.

Stanley Kidd Retired as a Professor in English in 1932. In 1954 he was awarded an Honorary degree of LL.D. in recognition of his long service to the College and University. He passed away on the 15th May 1956 at the age of 87.

Taken from: R. F. Currey. (1970) Rhodes University, 1904 – 1970, p.21, The Rustica Press, Wynberg, SA.

Archive: Pictures and Articles

Standing: Prof G. Dingemans, Asst Prof D.Williams. Seated: Prof A. Stanley Kidd, Prof A. Matthews, Prof G. Cory

This article can be found at the Cory Library.

The present House Warden of Stanley Kidd House is Jonathan Hellemann. The duty of a Warden is ensuring the smooth running of the house. This includes making sure that the rules of the house are adhered to; and with the support of the sub-wardens and house comm ensuring that students feel comfortable and enjoy living within the res.

House wardening is a part time role for all wardens. Wardens usually have full time jobs during the business hours of the week. This is important to note as wardens are only available in the residence during the weekends and evenings. This is why the house is made up of a house-comm and sub-wardens, each with their own portfolio in managing the residence. Students are encouraged to come chat to the warden when they are in need of advice or guidance.

Contact Details:

Home Tel: 046 603 8037
Work Tel:

Wardens of Stanley Kidd House:

2017-present   Jonathan Hellemann

2008-2017      Douglas Eastment

2005-2007      Kevin Rafferty

2002-2004      Jon James

1999-2001      Douglas Sanyahumbi

The Stanley Kidd House Coat of Arms was redesigned recently as a result of Stanley Kidd House falling under the newly formed Nelson Mandela Hall. The coat of arms was designed by the gentlemen of the house during the course of 2005. A short decription about the various meanings behind the coat of arms follows.

Helmet (Silver): Protector When depicted on the shield, denotes wisdom and security in defence; strength, protection, invulnerability

Mantling: Red and Black – Simple and smooth half Mantle

Shield: Classic

Red: Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity

Black: Constancy or grief

Gold: Generosity and elevation of the mind

Candle (Lamp): Light, life, and spirituality

Torch: Life; zealousness; engaging in signal service; truth and intelligence. Taken from Helen Joseph House our sister res – to show allegiance and commitment to them. Helen Joseph used to be part of Skidd.

Lion: (Passant) Dauntless courage

Rose: Hope and joy

Compass: Direction