By | November 23, 2017


In January 2014, NSFAS introduced a new system called sBux to pay eligible students their allowances in the following categories:

Food, Books, Private accommodation and Travel


How does sBux work?

  • If you are eligible for allowances, NSFAS will pay your allowances in the form of vouchers, which are sent to your cell phone.
  • The vouchers have a unique number and can only be used once.
  • You are able to spend these sBux vouchers at registered sBux merchants.
  • If you receive travel allowances, you are able to redeem cash vouchers at Shoprite, Checkers, Boxer, U-Save and select Spar stores.
  • You may not redeem food, books or private accommodation vouchers into cash.

How to get started (1st time users)?
• Sign your LAF/ SOP
• Receive an SMS welcoming you to sBux
• Verify your account by dialing *134*176# and reply with your ID number
• Receive a password that you will use when transacting
• Your vouchers will be made available for spending

What you will need to receive your NSFAS allowances via sBux?
• Your own cell phone and valid SIM card
• To have signed your NSFAS Loan Agreement Form/Statement of Particulars
• Ensure that your landlord is registered on sBux, if staying in private accommodation. Please download the merchant application pack.

How will NSFAS support you?
Download a guide on how to sign your loan or bursary agreement form
Download your sBux Guide, which explains how to use sBux
• For all queries, please contact the
NSFAS Contact Centre on 0860 067 327
• You can also send queries or feedback tosbux@nsfas.org.za
• For forgotten passwords or change number requests, the Contact Centre will assist you

How to become a sBux Merchant?
Read the NSFAS Merchant guide as well as the sBux Terms and Conditions.
Complete the sBux Merchant Application Registration form.
Find out how to transact by reading the USSD Merchant steps.
Understand the NSFAS and Merchant process by clicking on the Merchant process document.


Will all students receive their allowances through sBux? Please note that only students studying at the following Universities and TVET Colleges, which are participating in the New Student-Centered Model, may receive their allowances through sBux: