Licence And Permits Guide In South Africa

A license or licence is an official permission or permit to do, use, or own something. A license can be granted by a party to another party as an element of an agreement between those parties.

In South Africa, one will need a licence or permit to operate a number of legal tasks. The licencing process ensures that the applicant meets the required standards.

Why Should One Operate With A Licence?

Operating with a licence helps all the parties involved in the agreement. Thus it ensures that;

1. The operator is medically Fit for the job.

2. The environment of operation is standard

3. The necessary training is met

4. Easy tax collection and tracking.

What Are The Various Licences In South Africa?

Below is a list of most licence in South Africa and how to apply for them.

Driving Licence

Professional Driving Permit (PrDP)/PDP Licence

Apply For A Motor Trade Number And Permit

Application For Liquor Licence

Learner’s Licence Application

How To Apply For A TV Licence

Boat Licence Application In South Africa

Registration For Biodiesel Licence

Apply For A Business Licence In South Africa

Car Dealership Licence And Permit Application

Licence To Operate A Cinema

Motorcycle Licence In South Africa

Licence To Fly A Drone

Export And Import Licence

Energy Licence In South Africa

Fireworks Licence In South Africa

Licence To Start Food Service In South Africa

Application For A Fishing Licence In South Africa

Gold/Diamond Dealer Licence In South Africa

Skipper’s Licence Application

Scrap Metal Licence Application

Licence To Operate As A Wireman

Mining Licence In South Africa

Marriage Certificate In South Africa

Licence To Operate A Bank In South Africa

Pawn Shop Licence Application

Licence To Operate Petroleum Wholesale Business

Pest Control Licence In South Africa

Licence To Operate A Shop In South Africa

Trading Licence In South Africa

Train Drivers Licence Application

Licence To Operate As A Teacher In South Africa

Tender Licence In South Africa

Driving Licence To Enable Towing In South Africa

Vendor Licence Application