Durban University of Technology Tourism Management

Durban University of Technology Tourism Management


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There is a specific need I many areas of the economy for high quality graduates at the management level who understand the tourism industry and are able to make use of their knowledge and experience. This management-based diploma programme will prepare students for employment in the public and private sectors, managing, developing and planning tourism resources at a junior to middle management level.


The programme provides students with a broad-based, academically rigorous study of management concepts, theories and techniques as they apply to the international tourism industry, develops transferable managerial skills and equips students with basic research and problem-solving skills to commence an effective career or access post-graduate study. It promotes the application of this knowledge and understanding in the critical analysis of management, tourism and travel issues, in the development and evaluation of solutions to real life problems, which can be transferred into vocational settings.

The learning developed through this programme should enhance employment opportunities and broaden knowledge for those working in a diverse range of organisations including travel agencies, theme parks, visitor centres, hotels, airlines, events and conferences, cultural attractions, consultancies, government departments and many others that interface with tourism. Furthermore, the course develops important transferable skills for the future tourism manager, including decision-making problem solving and communication.

Throughout the course learners have the opportunity to experience both the theoretical and practical aspects of tourism, whilst also developing research and presentation skills. The field work and in-service elements provides an excellent opportunity to study “behind the scenes” at real tourist attractions and organisations, proves an excellent way to exemplify what is studied during lectures.

Therefore, the course aims to achieve a balance between the vocational skills necessary for immediate employment and the more fundamental principles necessary for further study. Graduates will be able to:

  • Integrate managerial, financial and entrepreneurial principles to strategically plan, manage and sustain tourism businesses.
  • Apply the principles of integrated, sustainable planning and development of different types of tourism and leisure destinations and facilities.
  • Display communicative competence by maintaining adequate social relations with speakers of a foreign language.
  • Effectively perform technical and operational tasks in the key sectors of the tourism industry.
  • Demonstrate the effective performance of operational practices in a travel related environment.






One year full time.


National Diploma: Tourism Management