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Information Technology Handbook

Being the largest department in this faculty, the popularity of this department is reflected in the large number (approximately 400) first year students it takes in annually. Students have the opportunity to choose between two streams on offer: the Software Development stream and the Business Analysis stream. Students are trained in offering Information Technology solutions to the industries in which they may be employed. An innovative concept which students are exposed to in their final year of study is the Third Year Project which provides students an opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt by working on actual projects which they would have solicited from businesses, government departments, NGOs, etc. Students are placed in teams and are required to develop the chosen project according to the different phases from start to finish. On completion of each phase, students have to make presentations as they would if it was a real life work project and they are allocated marks accordingly.

In order to ensure that it is at the cutting edge of technology, the department has set up the Information Technology Advisory Board. This Board consists of both members of staff as well as personnel from industry who come together on a quarterly basis to ensure that the department’s curricula are in line with the needs of industry. The Department of Information Technology enjoys an excellent relationship with industry and has a well-known reputation for producing graduates of a high calibre. Our graduates are much sought after and can be found working in such diverse companies as Edcon, Accenture, and UNISA as well as government departments and municipalities. The dynamic nature of Information Technology makes research undertaking a high priority of this department and a large number of the staff members are engaged in Masters and Doctorate level studies.

This department is a trailblazer and is proud to be the first department of the institution to offer access to and support for Deaf students registered for the National Diploma in Information Technology. Access was first granted to Deaf students in 2000 and to date there are approximately 12 Deaf students enrolled for the Diploma. Interpreters help to ensure that the academic standard remains high.

The department also engages in many community outreach programmes and students are involved in some of these outreach programmes.

National Diploma Financial Information Systems
Bachelor of Technology Financial Information Systems
National Diploma Information Technology
Bachelor of Technology Information Technology
Postgraduate Degree in Information Technology: Masters and PhD

Head of Department: Mrs K Singh
Secretary: Tel: 031 373 5595
Tel:031 373 5563/5596
Fax: 031 373 5598
Location: Ritson Campus

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