Durban University of Technology Human Resources Management

Durban University of Technology Human Resources Management


Head of Department: Mrs M Lourens
Tel: 031 373 6787
Fax: 031 373 5144
Location: ML Sultan Campus, Miriam Bee, Ground Floor, Room ME0-3

Human Resources Management Handbook


Human resources managers provide the specialised services needed by other management team members to make the most effective use of the human resources within an organisation.

They plan and execute policies that relate to all phases of personnel activity. As labour costs are the single greatest expense in an organisation, it is the job of the human resources manager to help make best use of every employee’s talents, skills and potential, and to ensure optimum productivity through good selection, training and promotion procedures.

His or her work may include:

recruiting, selecting and placing new staff

inducting and training staff

communicating between management and workers

devising renumeration scales and policy

promoting staff relations

keeping employee records

job analysis and evaluation

handling grievances and industrial relations

advising senior management on labour policies

improving motivation and morale

Although much of the work is administrative, human resource managers often move out of the office to communicate with workers and managers and to observe working conditions.

Personal Qualities Required
The Human Resources Manager should be a self-organised person who is sensitive to the needs of others and who has the ability to communicate and interrelate with them while viewing their problems objectively. Integrity, patience, sound human relations, good reasoning abilities and leadership qualities are important. They must show initiative and be decisive in thought and action.

Entry Requirements(Subject to change)

National Diploma Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Technology Human Resource Management


See Rules G7 and G25.

Either a National Diploma (Human Resources Management) or an appropriate equivalent M+3 qualification is required. All applications for entry must be approved by the Faculty of Management of Sciences, which reserves the right to approve or reject applications.

Master of Technology Human Resource Management


In addition to General Rules G32 through G35, the following rules also apply to the Master’s Degree in Technology: Human Resources Management:

Either a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Technology: Human Resources Management or an approved Honours degree or equivalent, for which conferment of status has been granted. All students will be subject to a selection interview prior to being accepted for the Master’s Degree.

Doctor of Technology Human Resource Management

For further information, please contact the Head of Department. Students must have completed their degree in Master of Technology: Human Resources Management to do the Doctorate Degree in Human Resources Management.

National Diploma: Human Resources Management

  1. Language requirement. In addition to Rule G7, applicants must have achieved an English language pass of E on Higher Grade or D on Standard Grade. Applicants who fail this criteria will be required to undergo and pass a language proficiency test with a mark of 45%.
  2. In addition to the University’s minimum requirements (Rule G7), applicants will be assessed on their matriculation certificate symbols. Only applicants with a rating of 30 points and higher will be accepted (ratings will be in accordance with The Central Applications Office’s calculations).

a university entrance matric (matric endorsement) or

a total of 30 or more points, you will be given preference.

If you have less than 30 points, we feel your prospects for success in this course are limited and we would suggest that you consider some other course.


Evidence of maturity (for example, post-school work experience) will be taken into consideration if required or applicable. Any details of non-school experience should be included in the application.