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Secretary: Mrs Gillian Lesley Clarke
Tel: 031 373 2514
Fax: 0866 7404 51
Location: Ritson Campus

Homoeopathy is a system of holistic medicine that is now over two hundred years old. It was founded by the German physician and chemist, Dr Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th century, yet its reputation and stature has been growing exponentially, both nationally and internationally, over the last few years. The homoeopathic approach is to not only treat an individual for their physical complaints – but to also consider their mental and emotional states as pivotal components in the healing and treatment process as well. Homoeopathic treatment differs from the more conventional forms of medicine in that it is highly individualized and tailored to suit each patient’s particular health needs. In this way, homoeopathy is a medical approach that respects the wisdom of the body.


In keeping with the increased demand for healthcare, and the provision of competent homoeopathic practitioners, formalized homoeopathic education has become a priority. In South Africa, formalized homoeopathic educational standards are closely aligned with those of medicine, and are recognized as an education of excellence internationally. Homoeopathy is a legally recognized profession and is becoming an increasingly important part of the South African healthcare provision. Homoeopathic physicians are registered with a statutory body, the Allied Health Professions Council, and their activities are closely monitored by a professional board.

This treatment is widely regarded to be safe, and can potentially be very effective in treating the new strains of disease which are spreading widely in the 21st century. As a primary-contact practitioner, a homoeopath manages all aspects of patient healthcare, diagnosis, treatment and management, including referral and communication with other healthcare professions and institutions.


To be a leading centre of excellence in homoeopathic education that nurtures self-development, holistic and innovative education and thinking, and promotes the advancement of homoeopathic knowledge and science.

Mission statement

To serve the needs of the broader South African community, within a dynamic
international context, by providing quality, cutting-edge learner-centred homoeopathic
education, through partnership with communities and industry, excellence in applied
homoeopathic research,and an overarching humanitarian ethos.


The Department of Homoeopathy will aim to improve interdisciplinary relations with all
persons involved,and to produce graduates who will demonstrate:

the highest regard for patient welfare and consideration of each patient as an

competence in differential and holistic diagnosis in order to determine the cause
of the patient’s discomfort;

the ability to restore the patient to health by homoeopathic and naturopathic

the knowledge to refer the patients to the appropriate health care professional in
accordance with the patient’s needs;

interest in continued educational updatement and research projects of benefit to
the health of mankind;

self-motivation and the desire to cure the patient;

the willingness to become part of the community and health care team with the
aim of improving health and the relieving the suffering of the sick; and

the ability to question and arrive at an unbiased logical reason for the cause and
cure of the patient’s malady.


The Department of Homoeopathy is guided by the following core values:

Transparency, openness, honesty, and shared governance

Professional and personal respect for others

Educational relevance, equity and transformation (curriculum, access and success)

Loyalty, accountability, dignity and trust

Entry Requirements

Bachelor of Technology Homoeopathy Entrance Requirements
Master of Technology Homoeopathy Entrance Requirements

Doctor of Technology Homoeopathy Entrance Requirements

Requirements : Doctor of Technology: Homoeopathy

Applications to: Central Applications Office(C.A.O)

Compulsory Pre-Application Homoeopathy Assignment Download.


*Any queries can be directed to Mrs G Clarke on 031 373 2514.


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