Durban University of Technology Finance Accounting Department

Durban University of Technology Finance Accounting Department


Financial Accounting Handbook

The Department of Financial Accounting is one of the six departments in the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics. The department currently offers a National Diploma in Accounting, a Bachelor of Technology in Corporate Administration and an Extended Curriculum Programme, National Diploma in Accounting which was introduced in 2013.


The staff in the department are well qualified and include chartered accountants and professional accountants. The department is in constant touch with members from the commercial sector through membership of professional bodies and various committees. This ensures that the training of students is relevant to the needs of commerce and industry. Diplomates in the instructional programmes offered by the Department of Financial Accounting are in short supply and should have no problems in finding employment.

The department is also a service department within the University in that it provides tuition to any student who has accounting in their diplomas and degrees.

Department Vision

To produce professional practical accountants

Department Mission

Our Mission Is To:

  • Offer programmes that provide a high quality, comprehensive, meaningful education
  • Equip students with practical knowledge and skills for a successful career in commerce

Focus Areas:

  • Ethical principles
  • Life-long independent learning
  • Registration with professional bodies
  • Self-motivation
  • Professional communication

Academic Programmes Offered:


Head of Department: Ms F Joossub
Tel: 031 373 5621
Fax: 031 373 5624
Location: Ritson Campus