Durban University of Technology Dental Clinic

Durban University of Technology Dental Clinic


Oral Health is supportive of bodily systemic health. The mouth and teeth are the source of the most pathogenic bacteria. If the Oral hygiene is well maintained, organs in the body are healthier, even cardiac, diabetic and stroke patients are able to be healthier if they regularly maintain their oral health status. The Dental Clinic assesses, advises and assists patients to acquire and maintain optimal oral health through cost efficient and regular visits.

The Dental Clinic offers the DUT community, being staff, students and public, an option of well-equipped facilities and trained staff compared to general practices to cater for basic dental needs.


Also on offer are Dental Consultations providing a list of possible treatments with quoted prices. Scaling and polishing, restorations/fillings, extractions and dentures are the most common treatments.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Ms Bongiwe Buthelezi
Telephone: 031 373 2439/5356
Fax: 031 373 6401

Department of Dental Services
Mansfield Building
Steve Biko Road

Operating Hours

Mon-Tue 8:00-12:00) and (Thur-Fri 8:00-12:00) – Strictly by appointment


Affiliated with the SA Dental Technicians Council


 DUT Dental Clinic – Prices for 2017


Minor/single complaintR50.00
Comprehensive with treatment planningR100.00

Minor Oral Surgery

Surgical removal of wisdom teethR500.00

Conservative Dentistry

Temporary fillingR100.00

Oral Hygiene Services

Scaling and Polishing of all teethR200.00
Treatment in Periodontics Clinic – to be quoted

Dentures/False teeth to be quoted