Durban University of Technology Chemical Engineering

Durban University of Technology Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering

The department aims to become a Chemical Engineering School of Excellence with comprehensive undergraduate teaching program, and a vibrant post-graduate research program focusing on developing technologies for addressing South Africa’s needs.

The Department of Chemical Engineering is nationally recognized for its best practice for chemical engineering teaching and applied research amongst the Universities of Technologies. The Department continues to be on the forefront of curriculum development and is currently driving the process of re-aligning the chemical engineering National Diploma and Bachelor of Technology curricula to the newly registered SAQA qualifications.


In pursuit of educational excellence, the department commits itself to :

  • Developing and maintaining a relevant programme, with a good balance between theory and practice to fulfill the needs of the Chemical and Allied Industry, and society at large.
  • Providing the best affordable teaching and training to facilitate quality of our students’ expertise.
  • Establishing and maintaining partnerships with industry.
  • Maintaining a robust and relevant research programme.

Entrance Requirements

National Diploma Chemical Engineering Entrance Requirements

Bachelor Technology Chemical Engineering Entrance Requirements


1. National Diploma: Chemical Engineering (3208022/3208038/3208054)
2. National Diploma: Chemical Engineering (3208593) PLUS credits in the following subjects:
Process Control III
Chem. Proc. Des. Principles III
Chemical Plant III: Mod II
Thermodynamics: Chem.Eng. III
Chemical Engineering Tech III: 302
3. National Higher Diploma: Chemical Engineering (3508464)
4. Conferment of Status
Persons not meeting the above requirements may make an application to the department, which will determine further requirements that are necessary.

Master of Technology Chemical Engineering Entrance Requirements

The course is designed to follow on from the Bachelor of Technology: Engineering: Chemical and is an advanced course aimed at supplementing the in-depth education in the different aspects of chemical process control, development and design offered by the Bachelor of Technology: Engineering: Chemical. The main objective of the course is to provide students with an opportunity to apply fundamental principles to the solution of problems.
This will include the ability to make an informed decision on the choice of method for tackling a given problem, the communication of ideas and results of scientific investigation and the use of scientific literature.


Applicants must be in possession of a Bachelor of Technology: Engineering: Chemical or equivalent qualification.

Doctor of Technology Chemical Engineering Entrance Requirements

An advanced qualification that is based on research, with a study duration of at least two years after obtaining an appropriate Master of Technology degree or equivalent. It comprises an advanced research project with a dissertation.
In dissertation, a student must provide proof of original and creative thinking and problem solving, and make a real contribution to the solving of a particular problem in the industry to which his/her research applies. The dissertation must comply with the normal general technical requirements and rules with regard to scope, quality and layout.


An applicant must be in possession of Master of Technology: Engineering: Chemical degree or equivalent qualification.

Head of Department: Dr M Chetty
Sec: Mrs Seshna Sewsanker
Tel: 031 373 2218 / 2123
Fax: 031 373 2285
Location: Steve Biko Campus, Block S4 Level 1


Chemical Engineering Handbook
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