How To Activate HKETOLL

How To Activate HKETOLL

What is HKETOLL?

HKeToll makes use of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, with the support of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology, to allow vehicles to pay tolls without stopping at toll booths.

How To Activate HKETOLL

Upon receiving the vehicle tag from Toll Service Provider by post, please sign up an HKeToll account via HKeToll website or Mobile App, link up the vehicle and select the payment means.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the new tolls system for tunnels in Hong Kong?

The operation of the RHCs has been generally normal since the Government’s gradual implementation of the HKeToll at the three RHCs in the middle of this year, and the first step of adjusting the toll levels of the three RHCs, i.e. the “633” fixed toll plan, which came into effect on 2 August 2023.

How do I pay tolls in Hong Kong?

Toll will be collected remotely via “HKeToll”. When passing through “HKeToll” tunnel toll points, you will not need to stop or queue at toll booths. To enjoy simpler tunnel fee payments and a smoother driving experience, set up your Designated Stored Value Account on “HKeToll” and top up with Octopus.

How do I pay for public transport in Hong Kong?

Fares are paid upon boarding, based on distance travelled and exact change is required if paying by cash. Octopus cards are accepted on all buses in Hong Kong.

How much is the most expensive toll?

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is the most expensive toll road in the US. It is 360 miles long and, if you are driving a truck, it can cost you over $200 in tolls, depending on the entry and exit point.

How do I call Hong Kong toll free?

Hong Kong phone numbers are usually 9-digits long, including the dialing code (+852) and the toll free prefix (800). Therefore, the format is: +852 (800) xxx-xxx. The Hong Kong toll free number format is +852 (800) xxx-xxx.

What is the toll free number for Hong Kong?

The dialing code for Hong Kong virtual numbers is (+852) . The Hong Kong toll free number format and phone numbers are typically 9-digits long. The format for Hong Kong toll free numbers includes the dialing code (+852), the toll free code (800), and a 6-digit subscriber number: +852 (800) (xxx xxx).

Where can I pay my e toll?

at Checkers, Pick n Pay and Shoprite (R49. 95); or at an e-toll Customer Service Outlet, located at a mall or along the Gauteng e-road; or by ordering it online at; or 0800 726 725; or by using their existing Bakwena e-tag.

Which country has highest toll?

The world’s most expensive toll roads

  • Confederation Bridge, Canada.
  • London congestion charge, United Kingdom.
  • Grand Saint Bernard Tunnel, Switzerland.
  • New York State Thruway, United States.
  • Florida’s Turnpike, United States.
  • M1/E30, Belarus.
  • A2 Autostrada, Poland.
  • Zagreb to Ploce, Croatia.

Which toll makes the most money?

the Dartford Crossing

The toll road that makes the most money in the country is the Dartford Crossing on the M25, which had total revenue of £209 million for 2019-20. Around £90 million of this came from drivers paying via account, twice as much as from those without accounts (£45 million).

What is toll or toll fee?

A toll is a fee charged for the use of a road or waterway.