How To Activate HBL Debit Card

How To Activate HBL Debit Card

What is HBL Debit Card?

Backed by the power of MasterCard, UnionPay, Visa and PayPak, HBL DebitCard offers you a truly secure and convenient payment solution. It is accepted at over 50,000 merchants, and over 11,000 ATMs nationwide in Pakistan and millions of merchant location and ATMs globally.

How To Activate HBL Debit Card

  1. Insert your HBL DebitCard into the ATM and select your preferred language (English or Urdu)
  2. Enter the 5 digit activation code.
  3. Enter your date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY)
  4. Enter your 13-digit CNIC number.
  5. Enter a 4-digit ATM PIN of your choice using the keypad.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of HBL debit card?


  • Exclusive Discounts.
  • Global acceptability.
  • Instant funds transfer and bill payment facility.
  • Get transaction alerts through SMS Alert facility.
  • Higher daily Cash Withdrawal Limit.
  • Higher spending limits.

Can HBL debit card be used internationally?

​A: You are required to activate international usage on your HBL DebitCard before travelling. This can be done by calling HBL PhoneBanking through your registered phone number and place international usage activation request or by using the Card Management feature on Internet Banking / Mobile App.

How do I pay with my HBL debit card?

​You can use your HBL Mobile app to setup HBL Pay, then use your phone to conduct transactions and revolutionize the way you make payments.

  1. Login to HBL Mobile and tap on HBL Pay on the home screen.
  2. Select the card that you want to add to HBL Pay and your phone will be scanned to see if it meets the requirements.

What is the limit of HBL debit card?

WORLD DEBIT CARDS Daily usage limits

Card TypeMastercard
Withdrawal LimitPKR 500,000
Purchase(POS)/E-commercePKR 3,000,000
Funds TransferPKR 3,000,000

Is HBL debit card free?

– For HBL iD DebitCard is issued for free. Annual charges are applied from subsequent years as per SoBC.

How do I activate my HBL debit card internationally?

Login to myABL digital banking and activate your card for international shopping under debit card services or by calling Allied Phone Banking at 111-225-225 through your registered mobile number.

How many countries have HBL bank?

Internationally, HBL has a presence in 25 countries, through its branch operations, subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the UK, affiliates in Nepal, Kenya and Kyrgyzstan and representative offices in Iran and China.

Does HBL have VISA debit card?

​A: HBL DebitCard is internationally accepted at retail outlets where MasterCard, Visa or UnionPay cards are accepted. It is also acceptable at all ATMs abroad that carry the MasterCard, Visa or Plus logos. You can view your account details and withdraw cash with the same ATM PIN that is used in your home country.

Can we use HBL debit card in any ATM?

(2) Page 23 Terms and Conditions DebitCard 111-111-425 HBL Mobile Page 24 TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR HBL ISLAMIC BANKING DEBIT CARD The following terms and conditions shall apply to HBL DebitCard issued by Habib Bank Limited (“Bank”). HBL DebitCard may be used at Automated Teller Machines (“ATMs”) of the Bank …

How do I activate my HBL online banking?

How do I register for HBL InternetBanking?

  1. Visit on any compatible web browser.
  2. Click on the Register button.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to create a new Login ID and receive Activation Password.
  4. Login with your Login ID and Activation Password.
  5. Create your Login Password and Transaction Password.