How To Activate a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

How To Activate a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

What is Samsung?

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a South Korean multinational major appliance and consumer electronics corporation headquartered in Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, South Korea. It is currently the pinnacle of the Samsung chaebol, accounting for 70% of the group’s revenue in 2012.

How To Activate a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

To turn on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, press and hold the Side key on the side of the device. Note: Make sure the battery is sufficiently charged to complete the activation of your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, at least 20% is recommended. If this screen appears, enter the PIN code and choose OK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Samsung S23 Ultra have 2 SIM card slots?

The Galaxy S23 Series offers a Dual SIM slot and also has eSIM support. User may use up to two physical SIMs or 1 eSIM & 1 physical SIM at the same time. The Galaxy S23 Series lets you store multiple eSIM profiles, but only one can be used at a time.

What is the charging time of Samsung S23 Ultra?

Time to full charge (from 0%)

OnePlus 110:22h
Galaxy S22 Ultra (45W)0:59h
Galaxy S22 Ultra (25W)1:04h
Galaxy S23 Ultra (25W)1:11h
Google Pixel 7 Pro1:49h

Is S23 Ultra waterproof?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is water resistant with an IP68 rating, which means it can withstand being submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes, meaning water splashing or light rain will not be no problem.

What SIM card does the S23 Ultra use?

SIM Cards: Dual slots: 5G*+5G or 4G dual-SIM / dual-standby support, Slot 1: 5G/4G/3G/2G Nano SIM card, Slot 2: 5G/4G/3G/2G Nano SIM card, * 5G services are only supported in 5G network-enabled locations in 5G-ready countries.

What SIM card does the Samsung S23 Ultra use?


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Full Specifications

SIM TypeNano-SIM
4G/ LTEYes

Is it OK to leave S23 Ultra charging overnight?

Yeah, it’s safe to charge overnight, but if you have any concerns head to Settings > Battery and Device Care > Battery > More battery settings > Protect Battery.

Do I need to charge S23 Ultra before first use?

Know this before you buy. The first thing you should do with your Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, or Galaxy S23 Ultra is charge up the battery.

How long does S23 Ultra battery last?

Battery stats

Speaking of screen-on-time, you can expect no less than 6 and a half hours of it on any given day with the Galaxy S23 Ultra with one exception – running Waze or Google Maps for more than two hours at high brightness – then you get around 4 hours.

Can S23 Ultra take pictures underwater?

The waterproof functionality of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra allows users to explore a new world of possibilities. Equipped with an excellent camera system, the device allows the user to capture stunning underwater photos and videos.

Can I use S23 Ultra without screen protector?

Although the S23 Ultra doesn’t come with a screen protector, it is highly recommended that users invest in one. The screen of a smartphone is vulnerable to scratches from daily use, accidental drops, and contact with other objects.