How To Activate a Quad Helix

How To Activate a Quad Helix

What is Quad Helix?

A quad helix is an orthodontic appliance for the upper teeth that is cemented in the mouth. It is attached to the molars by 2 bands and has two or four active helix springs that widen the arch of the mouth to make room for crowded teeth, or correct a posterior cross-bite, where lower teeth are buccal than upper teeth.

How To Activate a Quad Helix

The quad helix may be activated extraorally or intraorally. Extraoral activation is done by opening the helices where activation of anterior helices increases intermolar width and adjusting posterior helices caused lateral arm expansion which counteracted mesial rotation of anterior helices activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you activate quad helix?

The Quad Helix is an appliance used to expand the palate. It is cemented by bands on the six-year molars, and is activated at each visit until the adequate expansion is obtained. After this, the appliance must be worn for approximately three months before it is removed.

How does quad helix work?

The quad helix palatal expander is a simple orthodontic appliance with anchors cemented to the molar teeth and has four active springs that work to widen the arch of your child’s mouth. The goal of the Quad Helix Expander is to decrease crowding of teeth and allow for a normal bite.

How do you deal with a quad helix?

Immediately after receiving a quad helix expander, a patient can expect some soreness as well as some extra saliva. This can be alleviated with an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Advil or Tylenol. Wax or wet cotton balls may help as well. In addition, they may find that they sound differently when they speak.

What are the indications for quad helix?

What are its indications? The Quad Helix is ​​a device widely used in dentistry and It is indicated in the following cases: Presence of a unilateral (on one side) or bilateral (on both sides) crossbite. Having a narrow upper arch, along with dental crowding.

How long does it take for a quad helix to work?

approximately 6-9 months

Treatment takes approximately 6-9 months.

How long does a quad helix last?

You will usually have only the quad-helix in your mouth for the first 6 months or so. The quad-helix can be in place for about half of the treatment time. Total treatment duration varies from between 18 months and 24 months. Some treatments can be quicker and other may take longer depending on the correction needed.

Is a quad helix painful?

It is made by an Orthodontic laboratory technician after an impression is taken of your teeth and roof of the mouth. During the first few days of expansion, expect some soreness from all of the teeth. The soreness will eventually go away, usually in 10 days or less.

What are the advantages of the quad helix?

By expanding the jaw with a quad helix appliance, patients with crowded teeth gain more space for the permanent teeth to fit in the mouth. Although braces or Invisalign may still be needed later, treatment can be simplified and the risk of needing permanent teeth extracted goes down.

How do you talk with a quad helix?

Talking with feel strange to start with and you are encouraged to talk aloud as much as possible when you initially get the quad-helix. This will allow your tongue to adapt to the quad-helix being there and within a week your speech should go back to normal. Perhaps read a book aloud at home!

What is the difference between quad helix and expander?

Expanders place much more force on the midpalatal suture creating growth in the suture. Quad-helices achieve appositional bone growth secondary to the movement of teeth. So while the quad-helix has superior versatility, the RPE is still the gold standard for achieving greater arch width.