How To Activate a Prophetic Word

How To Activate a Prophetic Word

What is Prophetic Word?

A true prophetic word will lead you toward God and build you up. True prophecy will not lead you to compromise with evil or sin. With some prophetic words there is no absolute way to judge whether it is of God or not. The reason for this is the subjective nature of some prophecies.

How To Activate a Prophetic Word

  1. Start operating in the gift of prophecy in accordance with Scripture.
  2. Discern the voice of God through different spiritual senses.
  3. Separate soul from spirit when it comes to hearing God.
  4. Operate in prophetic protocol to deliver words effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you handle a prophetic word?

It’s just the starting point to see the manifestation of what God has promised you. Delayed obedience is still disobedience. Take your walk with the Lord seriously. Understand that a prophetic word is just the beginning, then you need to make room for that Word in your life.

How do I know I have a prophetic gift?

In this book, readers will discover colorful signs that indicate that they may have a prophetic gift, including clear and meaningful dreams or visions, a strong appetite to partake a communication with someone, an unusual capability to discern spiritual effects, a burden for soliciting for others, and more.

How do you walk in the prophetic?

Walking in the prophetic anointing also requires us to live a life of consecration, prayer and fasting, so we can maintain the presence of God in our lives. Failure to do this will result in us not being able to accomplish the purpose for which we were created.

How can I get a greater anointing?

Great Anointing does not come without prayer! Before you can step out and into His purpose, you will need to get close to Jesus in prayer! Dive into His Word, and experience a deeper fellowship with Him. The closer you are to Him, the greater His character, His anointing, and His abilities will be manifested in you.

What is the power of prophetic?

Prophecy has the inherent ability to impart the divine nature of God – such as His peace, love and joy, “Whereby He has given to us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these, you might be partakes of His divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4).

How to hear from God as a prophet?

Read and study the Word of God. After God spoke to him in this passage, the Bible tells us, “The LORD continued to appear at Shiloh, and there He revealed Himself to Samuel through His Word” (1 Samuel 3:21 NIV). If you want to hear from God, you have to know what the Bible says. God is speaking.

What type of word is prophetic?

The adjective prophetic traces all the way back to the Greek word prophētikos, meaning “predicting.” You know who’s really good at predicting stuff? Prophets. Usually, prophetic is used to describe a thing — like a warning, a feeling, or a complaint — rather than a person.

What is a prophetic prayer?

Praying Prophetically. 1. CLEANSES GOD’S PEOPLE – God humbles the people who are to be His prophets and molds them into powerful, humble vessels of His word. 2. CONFESSES GOD’S WILL – Prophets declare the specific will of God with verbal voice.

What’s a prophetic dream?

In a nutshell, prophetic dreams involve seeing events, images or symbols, that predict the future. For example, if you had a dream that your car tire was punctured and then in the morning you find the car has a flat, that would be a prophetic dream.

How do I know if I’m a prophet?

Prophetic people can often have a natural intuition for trends, events, people and situations. Strong imagination faculties and an ability to hold different concepts and ideas together can also characterise a prophetic mind. This could outwork itself in the workplace, in academia or with family and community issues.