How To Activate a Prepaid Meter

How To Activate a Prepaid Meter

What is Prepaid Meter?

A prepaid meter is an electricity meter that allows customers to pay for their electricity usage in advance. Prepaid meters work by allowing customers to load credit onto their meter, which is then used to power their home’s electrical appliances.

How To Activate a Prepaid Meter

  1. Connect your CIU to a wall socket and switch it on. Ensure there is power supply to carry out this process.
  2. Input your meter number and press enter.
  3. Your CIU will display as successful. This means the process was successful and you can proceed with the recharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my prepaid electricity meter?

Reset your meter by pressing i or the BLUE or # button, this is needed to ensure the 2 parts of your meter initiate connection again. This action should reset your meter. Please note, this error is not a technical error and you should never insist a technician comes out for this.

Why is my prepaid meter rejecting token?

Possible Reasons for invalid token. The meter serial number on the token doesn’t match the physical meter number on the meter. The tariff index on the token is not the same as the tariff index programmed into the meter. The supply group code that the token was made on differs to the supply group code in the meter.

Why is my meter on but no electricity?

If you have power at the meter but not in your home, check the breakers. A tripped breaker or blown fuse is often the cause of a full or partial loss of power. Find your main breaker panel. It may be in the garage, basement, closet, or even mounted on the exterior of your home.

How do I top up my prepaid smart meter?

Top up at a PayPoint store

  1. Take your top-up card (or just the top-up ID that’s given on the card) to your nearest PayPoint retailer.
  2. Buy your credit.
  3. Keep your receipt as it gives your Unique Transaction Reference Number (UTRN)

What is the code for checking prepaid meter balance?

If you want to check your prepaid balance or know the amount of total credit used, press 07 on your prepaid keypad and hit the blue button. Your available balance will be displayed on the screen in this format (150.15). This is how to recharge and check balance on your prepaid meter without any difficulty.

Why is my prepaid meter not connecting?

No connection between the meter and the power source often causes errors. Users are advised to use heavy-duty or rechargeable batteries when not plugged in. Additionally, if the option does not work, the user is advised to unplug the meter and try plugging it at a neighbour’s house to determine whether it is faulty.

How do you know if your prepaid meter is faulty?

If you have a prepayment meter

If the screen is blank or showing a message such as ‘error’, ‘call help’ or ‘battery’, there’s probably a fault with the meter. Tell your supplier straight away or you could be left with no energy.

How can I load my prepaid electricity online?

  1. Test your meter. Enter your meter number to see if we support it.
  2. Create a free Profile. To use our system you need to create a Profile with us. …
  3. Add us as beneficiary. As with many services, you need to create a beneficiary with your bank so you can buy prepaid electricity from us. …
  4. Buy prepaid electricity.

What does 30 mean on prepaid electricity?

What this means is that at that point in time the keypad cannot communicate with the meter. If this happens: Unplug the keypad and plug it into a different power outlet socket that is closer to the main distribution board. Unplug all the appliances near the keypad.

What to do if prepaid meter is blocked?

Your electricity meter may have been blocked by your municipality due to some outstanding fees on your municipal account. You will need to contact your municipality regarding the outstanding amount and to get the block lifted from your meter.