How To Activate a Prepaid Mastercard

How To Activate a Prepaid Mastercard

What is Prepaid Mastercard?

You buy a card with money loaded on it. Then you can use the card to spend up to that amount. A prepaid card is also called a prepaid debit card, or a stored-value card. You can buy prepaid cards at many stores and online. Many prepaid cards come with the Visa or MasterCard logo.

How To Activate a Prepaid Mastercard

To activate a Mastercard gift card online, visit the official Mastercard website and enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV into the corresponding boxes. You may also use this website to check your current card balance and view past transactions to keep track of what you have used your gift card value on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate a Mastercard prepaid card?

You can activate your Gift Card at or by calling the toll-free number on the back of your Card (1-833-623-3266). You will need to provide your Gift Card number, Valid Through Date, and security code located on the back of your card.

How do I use a prepaid Mastercard?

To use the card at a point-of-sale terminal, simply swipe the magstripe on the back of the card and sign the receipt. Each time the prepaid card is used, the purchase amount, including taxes and any other charges, is deducted from the available balance until that balance reaches zero.

How do I activate my prepaid center card?

Help & Support

If the card isn’t already activated, you may activate it by returning to the welcome page and entering your card number. If you register you will get a lot of access to various fabulous features that will make this experience awesome.

Do Mastercard prepaid cards need to be activated?

Visa and Mastercard Prepaid Gift Cards must be activated in order to be used for purchases or payments. If your gift card is already activated, your gift card balance will be checked instead, and will not affect your gift card status. Virtual cards do not need to be activated prior to use.

How do I know if my Mastercard is activated?

There are a few easy ways to check if a credit card is active. Call customer service: You can call the phone number on the back of your credit card to reach customer service. You’ll be able to check the status of your card and, if it is deactivated, you can ask about reactivation.

Why can’t i activate my prepaid Mastercard?

In most cases, it can be something as simple as switching a couple numbers around in a long sequence, such as with the 16-digit activation code. Still experiencing issues? We suggest calling the customer service number located on the back of your Mastercard gift card.

Why is my prepaid Mastercard not working?

Prepaid cards can be declined because you don’t have sufficient funds in your account, the card hasn’t been activated, the merchant doesn’t accept the network’s cards, or you have exceeded your spending limits.

How do I cash out my prepaid Mastercard?

You may withdraw cash against the balance on most Mastercard prepaid and gift cards at any ATM. However, not all prepaid and gift card issuers allow ATM or foreign transactions. Be sure to check with your card issuer to ensure that these types of transactions are permitted.

How do I add money to my prepaid Mastercard?

You may be able to:

  1. Arrange for a paycheck or other regular payment to be directly deposited onto the card.
  2. Transfer money from a checking account or another prepaid card.
  3. Buy a “reload pack” to add a certain amount to your card.
  4. Add funds at certain retail locations or at the financial institution that provides the card.

Do you need a bank account for a prepaid Mastercard?

Prepaid cards are a convenient way to pay for things if you are not carrying cash. You do not owe a bill since you are using money you already have. You do not need a bank account to use a prepaid card. You do not need a good credit history to use a prepaid card.