How To Activate a Premier Credit Card

How To Activate a Premier Credit Card

What is Premier Credit Card?

PREMIER Bankcard credit cards are for building credit. Start building credit by keeping your balance low and paying all your bills on time each month. We’ll provide you a manageable credit limit and manageable payments meant to help you stick to your budget.

How To Activate a Premier Credit Card

The only way to activate your First Premier credit card is by calling their customer service number at (800) 987-5521. This way, you can also set up a PIN by following the instructions you received with your new card. Just keep in mind that there is no First Premier credit card online activation option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my First Premier credit card immediately?

You cannot have access to First Premier card credit as soon as you pay the processing fee. The processing fee needs to be submitted before your card account is opened. Once the account is opened, you will receive your card in the mail within 10 business days, after which you may start using it.

How much does it cost to activate a Premier bank credit card?

The program fee on First Premier Bank unsecured credit cards is a one-time fee of $55 – $95, assessed after approval. The exact amount you will have to pay depends on your creditworthiness.

Why can’t i use my First Premier credit card?

Your First Premier Bank Mastercard could be declined for a number of reasons. Reaching your credit limit is the most common, or you may have made an unusual purchase, which First Premier flagged as fraudulent use.

Can I transfer money from my First Premier credit card to my bank account?

Can I transfer a credit card balance to a bank account? You can’t transfer a credit card balance to a bank account because the balance on your credit card is a debt. If you want to transfer your credit card balance to another credit card, however, you can do that with a balance transfer.

How much cash can I withdraw from First Premier credit card?

The First PREMIER® Bank Platinum Credit Card cash advance limit is 10% of your credit limit during the first 90 days of account opening. After that, if your account is in good standing, the issuer might increase your cash advance limit to 50% of your credit limit.

How do I know if I got approved for a First Premier credit card?

How to Check Your First PREMIER Bank Credit Card Application Status

  1. Call 1-800-987-5521.
  2. Follow the prompts that lead to an application status check, or connect with a representative and tell them you’d like to check your application status.
  3. Give your Social Security number when asked.

Can you use Premier credit card without card?

You can use your First PREMIER Bank Debit Mastercard with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. What is Mobile Wallet? A Mobile Wallet is digital form of your First PREMIER Bank debit card information on your mobile device. You can pay for purchases without using your physical plastic debit card.

How does First Premier credit card work?

The First Premier Bank Mastercard is an unsecured credit card, so there’s no need to put cash down as a security deposit. Instead, First Premier Bank will extend you a line of credit and allow you to borrow against your credit limit.

Can I use my Premier credit card anywhere?

Your PREMIER ACCESS Card can be used to make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted worldwide. You can use it to pay your bills, buy groceries or to have a night out on the town.

Does Premier credit card have an app?

Our app gives you secure access to your account so you can check in anytime 24/7. It’s the best way to stay on top of your account while you work to build your credit. And it’s free. To access your account, use your existing username and password.