How To Activate a PPS Number

How To Activate a PPS Number

What is PPS Number?

The Personal Public Service Number is a unique identifier of individuals in Ireland. It is issued by the Client Identity Services section of the Department of Social Protection, on behalf of Ireland’s Minister for Social Protection. The PPS Number was known as the Revenue and Social Insurance Number until 1998.

How To Activate a PPS Number

  1. Public Services Card or Social Services Card.
  2. Medical card or GP visit card.
  3. European Health Insurance Card.
  4. Drugs Payment Scheme Card.
  5. Letters from the Department of Social Protection or Revenue.
  6. Payslips from your employer in Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a PPS number if I live outside Ireland?

You can apply for a PPS number if you are living outside Ireland and need a PPS number for an interaction with a specified body in Ireland. For example, someone who is a beneficiary under an Irish will may need to provide a PPS number before a grant of probate can issue.

Can you start work in Ireland without a PPS number?

You can only get a PPS Number if you need one to access public services. For example, if you are starting a job you will need a PPS Number to pay tax. You do not need a PPS Number if you are looking for work.

Can I do PPS online?

The customers may avail the facility of Positive Pay System (PPS) by submitting the desired details of the cheque issued by him/her through Branch or through digital channels i.e. Internet Banking Service-Retail & Corporate, Mobile Banking Service (PNB ONE), SMS Banking.

Does PPS number expire?

Your PPS number won’t expire however the physical card itself (also known as a public services card) has an expiry date. This card will be issued to you when you successfully apply for your PPS number.

Where can I open a PPS account?

There are hundreds of PPS registration terminals all over Hong Kong, including most Circle K convenience stores, HKT Shops and some major banks, to provide you with the convenience of setting up a PPS account, changing password, updating mobile phone & other related services.

How to register PPS online?

The following information is required:

  1. PPS Account Number.
  2. Bank Account Number linked with PPS.
  3. 8-digit “Access Code” [Please note this Access Code will be valid for 24 hours. It will be void afterwards. So, please act immediately.]
  4. Your chosen PPS Internet Password.

How do I find my PPS account number?

What can I do if I forgot my PPS Account Number? Please bring along your ATM card or credit card with ATM function and go to any PPS Registration Terminal to retrieve your PPS Account Number by using the ‘Retrieve PPS Account Number’ function.

How do I make a PPS payment?

  1. Login with (i) PPS Account Number / Name and (ii) PPS Internet Password.
  2. Select “Pay Bill”
  3. Select the bill and click “Pay” button.
  4. Key in Bill Payment Amount and Bill Type (if applicable)
  5. Verify the payment instruction and click “Pay” button.
  6. Note the Payment Reference Number.

How long does it take to get PPS number?

You will receive the PPS number via post, within 5-7 working days after you apply for it. When you have received your PPS number, please confirm this number with Icon Accounting immediately as we will issue you with a Form 12A.

What is an example of a PPS number?

Some people may already have this number particularly if they are in receipt of a part Irish pension or if they worked in Ireland after 1979. These older PPS numbers were made up of 7 numbers and ending in one or sometimes two letters – example 4567893W or 4567483WA.