How To Activate a PNB Debit Card

How To Activate a PNB Debit Card

What is Debit Card?

A debit card, also known as a check card or bank card, is a payment card that can be used in place of cash to make purchases. The card usually consists of the bank’s name, a card number, the cardholder’s name, and an expiration date, on either the front or the back.

How To Activate a PNB Debit Card

Open PNB-ONE Mobile App and Login with Your Credentials and Click on Services. Click to Expand Debit Cards. Click on ENABLE/DISABLE DEBIT Card. Select the Account Number from the Drop Down List in which Debit Card is associated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate debit card?

  1. Once you get your welcome kit from the bank, along with the Debit Card, there is an ATM pin given in a sealed envelope.
  2. When you go to the ATM, enter your Debit Card and enter the ATM pin provided in the welcome kit.
  3. Change your ATM PIN and use the card henceforth for regular transactions.

How do I activate my PNB credit card?

You can activate your PNB Credit Card through the following:

  1. Text PNB ACTIVATE 16-digital Credit Card number and send to 22566808. Example: PNB ACTIVATE 1234567812345678.
  2. Call PNB Cards 24/7 Customer Service Hotline at (+632) 8818 9818 or DTF 1800 10 818 9818.

How can I open a PNB debit card?

How to Open a PNB Debit Savings Account

  1. Download and fill-out the account opening form.
  2. Visit the branch and present requirements.
  3. Wait for your debit card and change PIN.

Can I activate my debit card at any ATM?

You can activate your debit card through an ATM owned by the banking institution who issued the card provided you have a PIN. The PIN might be temporary and sent to you separately from the card or your old PIN if you previously had a card.

How can I generate my PNB debit card PIN?

Please login into your PNB One App. Post login, click on Debit Card–> Generate Green PIN –> Select the account number to which card is attached –> Enter Card Number, Expiry Date (Month & Year) and 6 digits OTP–> Continue Enter 4-digit ATM-cum-Debit Card PIN–> Confirm New PIN–> Submit.

Can I use my Philippine National Bank debit card internationally?

PNB Debit MasterCard is a PIN-based ATM Card which provides 24/7 banking convenience using various channels. The card can be used across the globe wherever MasterCard and Maestro is accepted. It can be used for cashless purchases at over 32 million shops worldwide.

How can I generate my PNB ATM PIN without OTP?

b) Card PIN Regeneration

  1. Existing PNB debit card users who want to regenerate a duplicate PIN can also use the Green PIN function to self-generate a duplicate PIN.
  2. To obtain a Green PIN, send a text message or SMS in the format shown below from your registered mobile phone.
  3. DCPIN 16-digit debit card number to 5607040.

What is card PIN in PNB?

The PNB Green PIN, is a one-time OTP, in 6 numeric digits, that is sent to you at the time of card issuance on your registered mobile number with the Punjab National Bank. This PIN is valid for 72 hours for generating the ATM PIN.

Can I use PNB debit card in any ATM?

Per Day POS/Ecom Combined Limit Rs.

PNB Introduces VISA Gold Variant Debit Cards Which Can Be Used On ATMs, POS as Well as On E-Commerce Channels. The Card has Global Acceptance.

Can I withdraw money from PNB debit card?

Account Inquiries & Withdrawals

Using PNB ATMs, you can withdraw as much as P40,000 per transaction. If you use other ATM networks in the Philippines, transaction limit is P10,000 and corresponding charges shall apply.