How To Activate a PlayStation Card

How To Activate a PlayStation Card

What is PlayStation Card?

It’s the Ultimate Entertainment Gift Card for gamers. PlayStation Store Gift Cards fill your PSN Wallet with cash, allowing you to download new games, DLC, and videos, as well as stream movies and music from your PS4. So get the gaming started with the PSN card!

How To Activate a PlayStation Card

Turn on your PlayStation console and log in to your PlayStation Network (PSN) account. If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one. Navigate to the PlayStation Store on your console’s main menu. In the PlayStation Store, scroll down and select “PlayStation Plus” from the menu options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a PlayStation gift card from another country?

Voucher Codes are country specific (unless otherwise stated on the Voucher Code), meaning they can only be redeemed on accounts for PSN that match the country or region for which the Voucher Code was issued. You should bear this in mind if you are intending to gift a Voucher Code to someone in a different country.

How do I activate my gift card by myself?

Follow the URL on the front of the card and enter the card’s ID number, activation code, or PIN. If the card was emailed, use that activation code instead. Activate the gift card by phone instead. Find the activation sticker on the front, call the number provided, and follow automated prompts to complete the process.

Why is my PlayStation Store gift card not activated?

Ensure that the code is still valid. Some codes have an expiry date listed on the voucher. Check the PlayStation Network Status page before entering the code. If there are no network problems but you’re still having issues, please sign out of PSN and then sign back in to refresh your account.

How do I activate my PlayStation on my phone?

How to start PS Remote Play from your mobile device

  1. Turn on your console or put it into rest mode.
  2. Launch PS Remote Play on your mobile device, and then select Sign In to PSN. Sign in with the same account that you use for your console.
  3. Select PS5 or PS4.

How do I know if my PlayStation subscription is active?

How to manage PlayStation Store subscriptions online

  1. Sign in to Account Management.
  2. Select Subscription from the menu on the left of the screen. You see a list of the subscription services you are currently subscribed to.
  3. Select a subscription to check the expiry date or to cancel the subscription.

How do I use a gift card for PlayStation Plus?

Apply gift card funds toward a PlayStation Plus membership.

Step 1: Sign into your account for PlayStation Network (PSN) or create an account at Step 2: Find the 12-digit code on your gift card. Step 3: Go to Redeem Code on PlayStation Store on your console or at and enter the code.

How do I activate my PS5 card?

Activating your PlayStation Network Card via the Sony website

  • Go to the Sony website and Sign in;
  • Go to your Dashboard and select Redeem code;
  • Enter the code, click Next and confirm one last time. Have fun!

How do PlayStation Store cards work?

Buy a PlayStation Store gift card and redeem for anything on PlayStation™Store: games, add-ons, subscriptions and more. Codes can be redeemed on the PlayStation Store via console, any web browser or on the PlayStation App. Digital gift cards are transacted by and fulfilled by CashStar.

Are PlayStation cards country locked?

A: Gift cards are region locked but not country locked. Someone can use a US card in Canada, for example.

Can I gift someone a PlayStation gift card?

Have you bought a PlayStation™Store Gift Card for someone? You can now create a personalised card and gift it to family and friends to share the PlayStation experience! It only takes a few simple steps.