How To Activate a Pim Role

What is a Pim Role?

Privileged identity management (PIM) gives users the ability to control, manage, and monitor the access privileges that people have to crucial resources within an organization.

How To Activate a Pim Role

Activate a role

IOn to the Microsoft Entra admin center as at least a Privileged role administrator. Browse to Identity governance > Privileged Identity Management > My roles.

For information about how to add the Privileged Identity Management tile to your dashboard, see Start using Privileged Identity Management.

What is PIM role activation alert?

Privileged Identity Management (PIM) lets you know when important events occur in your Microsoft Entra organization, such as when a role is assigned or activated.

Privileged Identity Management keeps you informed by sending you and other participants email notifications.

How long does PIM take to activate?

Microsoft Entra PIM creates active assignments (assigns the user to a role) within seconds. When deactivation (manual or through activation time expiration) happens, Microsoft Entra PIM removes the active assignment within seconds as well. Application may provide access based on the role the user has.

What is a PIM role in PowerShell?

The Microsoft Entra Privileged Identity Management (PIM) service allows role administrators to make time-bound admin role assignments.

Each role has a group of settings that manage it. For example, activation and assignment settings. These role settings are called policies.