How To Activate a Phone with Cricket

What is a Phone?

A mobile phone is a portable telephone that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency link while the user moves within a telephone service area, as opposed to a fixed-location phone.

How To Activate a Phone with Cricket

Activation: Online Orders

  1. Insert your SIM card BEFORE you activate (learn how to insert your SIM card here).
  2. Locate your order number and phone number.
  3. Go to and follow the steps.

How much does it cost to activate a Cricket phone?


Activation FeeApplies to both Cricket-purchased devices and devices that you bring to Cricket.In Store: $25 Online: $0
Device Upgrade FeeA fee for upgrading to a new Cricket-purchased device. (Does not apply to service plan changes.)In Store: $25 Online: $25

How do I activate my Cricket eSIM?

If your phone is an Android listed above, you cannot activate online, but can visit any Cricket Retail Store to activate.

Does Cricket use SIM cards?

The Universal SIM Card Kit gives you everything you need to activate your unlocked, compatible phone on the Cricket network. 

Each kit includes pop-out SIM cards in all three sizes. The image below shows how the three different SIM cards compare to the size of a penny.

What phones work with Cricket SIM?

  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro.
  • Google Pixel 6a.
  • Apple iPhone 13.
  • Motorola Edge (2023)
  • Motorola Edge+ (2023)
  • Samsung Galaxy A03s.
  • Sony Xperia 1 V.
  • Sony Xperia PRO-I 5G.