How To Activate a O2 SIM

How To Activate a O2 SIM

What is O2 SIM?

You’ll also need the 13-digit Sim Serial Number (SSN) for your new sim, which begins 00. You’ll find this printed on the back of your plastic sim card or on your eSIM pack. To move your mobile number across to your new sim, sign in to My O2.

How To Activate a O2 SIM

  • Pop out the right size sim for your device, put it in and switch it on.
  • Visit the Pay As You Go mobile broadband page.
  • Enter your mobile broadband number and click sign in. …
  • Follow the instructions to register and activate your data.
  • You’re ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use O2 SIM in any phone?

As long as the SIM is the right size for the new phone. If you need a different sized SIM you can either request one online and swap it, out go into an O2 store and they’ll do it for you. O2 only care that you pay your bill on time. They don’t care what phone you use.

Which SIM cards use O2?

There are currently four significant MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) using O2’s network, namely Giffgaff, Virgin Mobile, Sky Mobile, and Tesco Mobile. By choosing one of O2’s MVNOs you can save money and get extra features, while still enjoying the excellent network coverage provided by O2’s mobile network.

How can I recharge my 02 SIM?

Below are the steps you need to follow to top up over the phone once your card payment details have been registered: Diall 4444 free from your phone. Upon request, provide the number of the sim you wish to top up. Provide the last four digits for the registered debit or credit card.

Can I choose my mobile number O2?

Our popular GOLD NUMBER sims let you choose your own number on the network you prefer. A Gold Number sim card is simply an easy to remember mobile phone number, such as a number ending in 4321 or 666.

Does O2 SIM work in USA?

Yes. 4G calling when roaming is available in the USA for customers with a compatible device, sim and tariff. Please check our travelling to the USA page for more information. You’ll need to ensure you have the 4G Calling setting turned on, on your phone, for this to work.

Is O2 a good SIM?

All in all, though, O2 is a great mobile network who offer loads of great packages, plenty of extra perks and benefits and competitive customer service. In short, then, O2 gets a thumbs up from us. But if you’re on a tight budget, you’d be better off looking at other networks.

Are O2 iphones unlocked?

Please note: all new O2 devices are sold unlocked, so you just need to test a different SIM in the phone before you request unlocking. If it is indeed locked, then you can follow the rest of this guide.

How do I buy data on O2?

To buy more data now, sign in to My O2. Or call 2202 from an O2 mobile, or 0344 809 0202 from any other phone. And you can still use wifi. O2 Wifi is free to use and we have 1000s of hotspots around the country.

How can I know my sim number without balance?

Go to settings, navigate to About phone, and tap on status. You can also check the phone number associated with your SIM card from the Messages app settings menu. Use USSD Codes or Contact Your Network Carrier: Some cellular networks have unique shortcodes for checking phone numbers.

Can you use PayPal to top up O2?

You don’t have to feel this way anymore. To get started, pick the amount of O2 call credit or mobile data you want. Then pay with your preferred payment method. Choose between PayPal, Maestro, Discover, Mastercard, Diners, Visa, or China UnionPay.