How To Activate a Nimbl Card

How To Activate a Nimbl Card

What is Nimbl Card?

Nimbl’s award winning app and prepaid debit card helps children learn how to budget, save and spend wisely. With lots of features such as automatic pocket money, top up, unique spending controls and gifting, it’s the fun and easy way to learn about something so important!

How To Activate a Nimbl Card

Step 1

Log into your nimbl account and click on the ‘Activate Card’ button by your child’s name

Step 2

We will then ask you some details to set up your child’s account. These will consist of:

  • Last 4 digits on the back of your child’s nimbl card
  • Your child’s date of birth
  • The gender of your child

Step 3

During activation, you have the option of setting up spending controls and pocket money for your children.

We like to start off with the basics, so first we will ask you about cash machine limits. (Further spending controls can then be set up after activation.)

Step 4

Last but certainly not least is where you will set up the login details for your child. This will require an email address and password!

Step 5

After clicking on the ‘activate’ button this will reveal the PIN number for your child’s nimbl card. Get ready to remember the 4 digit number.

If forgotten, you can always log into nimbl and get a PIN reminder 

After that your child’s account is set up and they are ready to do.. spending, saving or conquering the world 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use nimbl card online?

7.1 A Card can be used at any Merchant (fees apply, see paragraph 16) to make purchases in-store, via the internet or over the phone.

Can a nimbl card be used abroad?

While most cards can be used overseas there is usually a charge with withdrawals and/or transactions. With nimbl we charge a 2.95% fee for purchases made overseas so if you are using your card abroad, planning this into your budget will stop you from accidentally overspending.

Is a nimbl card a debit card?

nimbl is an award winning app and prepaid debit card, which gives you the tools to help your children learn about money. It’s quick and simple to join nimbl online and your children’s nimbl cards will arrive within a few days.

Can you transfer money to a nimbl card?

10.1 A Child Savings Account can be loaded via transferring funds from a Child Account by either the Cardholder or the Account Holder or by transferring funds from your Account.

What age is nimbl card for?

nimbl is a prepaid pocket money card designed for children aged 6-18 to help them learn about money with the help of their parents in a fun and easy way.

How do I cancel my nimbl card?

In Nimble, go to Settings >> My Account, then select “Delete Account’ at the bottom of the page. Next, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page to delete your account.

How do I approve nimbl payments?

Your child will be able to approve their own payments if they have the nimbl app. If you wish to approve the payments on behalf of your child, you can easily change this under Spending Controls. For more information on spending controls, and how you can set these, take a look at our most recent blog.

Do you have to pay for nimble?

Nimble’s pricing is based on the number of licenses you have on your account, therefore, you will be billed at the same time you add a license to your Nimble account.

How do I send money to my card number?

Select your preferred online payment option – directly from your bank account, debit, or credit card1. Then, choose the ‘Debit Card Deposit’ receive method to send to a Visa debit card. You will need your recipient’s full legal name, address, mobile number, bank-issued Visa debit card number and expiration date.

How can I transfer money with only card number and CVV?

To transfer money with only a card number and CVV, you can use a money transfer service such as Western Union or MoneyGram. These services allow you to send money to anyone in the world, even if they don’t have a bank account