How To Activate a New Verizon SIM Card

How To Activate a New Verizon SIM Card

What is SIM Card?

A SIM card is an integrated circuit intended to securely store an international mobile subscriber identity number and its related key, which are used to identify and authenticate subscribers on mobile telephony devices.

How To Activate a New Verizon SIM Card

  1. Turn on your new phone.
  2. Select New customer.
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to connect your phone to your Verizon account.
  4. Make a call from your phone to complete the activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activate a Verizon phone by yourself?

How do I activate a phone I purchased from Verizon or a Verizon Authorized Retailer? When you order a new phone from us, it will be ready to activate when you turn it on. Simply follow the steps on your screen to complete activation and set up your iPhone®, Android™ or prepaid device.

How do I contact Verizon to activate my phone?

Power on and set up your device. Connect to Wi-Fi. Get Verizon service for your device with eSIM by calling Verizon at 1-877-807-4646 from any phone and following the instructions or by visiting the My Business portal. Go to and either input IMEI or IMEI (eSIM) for direct eSIM activation.

Can I activate a phone myself?

Although the specific steps vary from device to device, generally, you need to insert the SIM card, power on the device, and follow the on-screen prompts to set it up. If you are activating a new phone, you may also need to activate the SIM card with your carrier.

How long does it take to activate a phone Verizon?

This process may take 2-3 minutes. If the activation fails, view this support info.

How much is the activation fee for Verizon?

We charge a one-time $35 fee per device activated or upgraded on the Verizon network.

What number do I call to activate my Verizon iPhone?

Call on *222 which is the Verizon activation helpline number. Once the call gets through, dial 1 and then follow the audio instruction to feed in your mobile number and security code as and when it is asked for. You Verizon iPhone will now be activated in a short while. Wait until the activation process is complete.

Will Verizon refund activation fee?

Verizon activation fees are non-refundable unless you terminate service within 3 days of activation.

Can I sell my phone back to Verizon if it’s not paid off?

For those of you enrolled in a monthly device payment, you are eligible to trade-in for a credit. If the trade value is less than the remaining installment balance, then you will continue to pay the installment until you reach 100 percent of the cost of your device before purchasing a new device.

Are Verizon phones unlocked?

To combat theft and fraud, Verizon locks all prepaid and postpaid devices for 60 days (check out the full Device Unlocking Policies). After that time, Verizon automatically removes the lock and will not lock phones again at any time.

Can I trade in unpaid iPhone Verizon?

Can I trade in a phone that isn’t paid off? Yes. Phones and other devices that were subsidized by a two-year agreement are eligible for a trade-in. For those of you enrolled in a monthly device payment, you are eligible to trade-in for a credit or gift card.