How To Activate a New Ufone SIM

How To Activate a New Ufone SIM

What is SIM?

A SIM card is an integrated circuit intended to securely store an international mobile subscriber identity number and its related key, which are used to identify and authenticate subscribers on mobile telephony devices.

How To Activate a New Ufone SIM

  • 1. Visit any nearest Ufone Service Center, Ufone Franchise or Ufone Self Service Booth (Open 24/7) to get your new eSIM or convert your existing Ufone number.
  • 2. After BVS registration, an eSIM jacket will be provided to you having a digital QR code
  • 3. Scan the QR code on the phone you would like to activate the eSIM on
  • 4. To learn how to activate your eSIM on your Apple or Android phone, please take a look at the detailed steps below.
  • *Important to know: If your phone is lost or stolen or your re-scan limit exhausted, you must visit Ufone’s Business stores i.e. Ufone Service Centers and Ufone Franchise to get a new QR code

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate my ufone number?

A: You can call 333 or visit your nearest service center/franchise to activate this service.

What is the code for new SIM Ufone?

Buy a new Ufone SIM or switch to Ufone network, Enjoy Free WhatsApp, Internet and Social media with Ufone Nayi SIM Offer! Dial *1000# and choose the offer of your choice and enjoy freebies.

What do I do when my Ufone SIM is not working?

In case of any issue, complaint or feedback, please contact us by dialing 333 from your Ufone number or 033 11 333 100 from any other number or by emailing us at

What is the code for Ufone 786?

1. Open your UPaisa account by dialing *786#. 3. Receive free 1000 MBs on next working day.

How can I know my Ufone 4G SIM code?

LTE/4G quality service’ area can be checked by dialing *4#. In 3G coverage area the handset shows “3G” or “H/H+” on the top of the screen next to the network signal bars. 3G quality service’ area can be checked by dialing *3344#.

Which country is owner of Ufone?

Pakistan Telecommunication

Company Profile

Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) that started its operations in January 2001 under the brand name ‘Ufone’.

How to apply for Ufone 4G SIM?

You can buy a new Ufone SIM from your nearest Customer Service Center or simply dial 033 1236 1236 to bring your existing number to Ufone the best network in Pakistan.

How can I buy Ufone data?

Dial *3# from your 2G/3G/4G enabled handset and choose your desired Mobile Internet Buckets.

How can I change my SIM network to Ufone?

All U have to do is visit your nearest retailer, or dial 033 1236 1236 to switch your existing number to Ufone’s network. For us, it’s just another way of saying, it’s all about U!

How to pay Ufone online?

Recharge Online

  1. From the Main Menu Click on My Ufone.
  2. Enter Ufone Number & CNIC to Login.
  3. From the Main Menu Click on Bill Payment.
  4. From the Menu Select Pay Bill via UPaisa or Credit/Debit Card.
  5. Enter Name, Number, Select Payment Mode & Amount.
  6. On the Confirmation Screen Click on Proceed.
  7. Enter Payment Details.