How To Activate a New Token Meter

How To Activate a New Token Meter

What is Token Meter?

Prepayment meters are a type of domestic energy meter that requires users to pay for energy before using it. This ‘pay-as-you-go’ energy is used with a smartcard, token or key that can be topped up at a shop or via a smartphone app.

How To Activate a New Token Meter

  1. Connect your CIU to a wall socket and switch it on. Ensure there is power supply to carry out this process.
  2. Input your meter number and press enter.
  3. Your CIU will display as successful. This means the process was successful and you can proceed with the recharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you enter a prepaid meter token for the first time?

To load your Meter Activation token carryout the steps below:

  1. Punch in the first 20 digits and press “enter”.
  2. Meter will display succeed.
  3. Then continue with the next 20 digits and press “enter”. The meter will display “succeed”
  4. After this, you can buy energy.

How do I load a new electricity token?

How do I load the pre-payment meter with electricity? When you purchase electricity you will receive a slip, an SMS or an e-mail (depending on the method of purchase). This slip will include the meter number and a 20 digit token. Punch the 20 digit token number into the meter, followed by the enter button.

Why is my new prepaid meter rejecting token?

Q : Why is my prepaid meter rejecting a token? What should I do? A : First thing you can do is make sure you are entering the correct 20-digit recharge token. If the token is still rejecting, make sure you bought the recharge token for the correct meter number.

How does new prepaid meter work?

A prepaid meter is an electricity meter that allows customers to pay for their electricity usage in advance. Prepaid meters work by allowing customers to load credit onto their meter, which is then used to power their home’s electrical appliances.

How do I reset my meter token?

How to Reset Your MEMMCOL Meter in Five Easy Steps

  1. Kindly key in ‘990’ on your meter and press the enter button.
  2. Next, punch in ‘8888’ and enter.
  3. Finally, key in ‘999’ and enter.
  4. On your meter, you’ll get a RESET displayed on your screen.
  5. You can now proceed to load your token.

How many digit is meter token number?

A token is the 20 digits number you receive after making payment to recharge your prepaid meter.

Why is my token blocked?

In case there is an open position (Spot/Margin), lending request or a pending withdrawal request, an equivalent amount of that coin would be locked.

Why is my token saying bypass?

Bypass in prepaid meters is a signal to let you know that the meter has detected a suspicious connection in between your wirering and/ appliances.To emphasis the urgency of the issue the meter is made to rush so as to make you address the matter as fast since it drains the units in a crazy manner.

What does it mean if a token is locked?

Token lockup (or vesting period) is a specific time frame when cryptocurrency tokens cannot be traded or transferred. During this lockup period, holders of such tokens are restricted from selling tokens received either from airdrops, presales, or after an initial coin offering (ICO) in the open market.

What is a token for login?

Tokens streamline the login process: Authentication tokens ensure that users do not have to re-enter their login credentials every time they visit a website. This makes the process quicker and more user-friendly, which keeps people on websites longer and encourages them to visit again in the future.