How To Activate a New Tarot Deck

How To Activate a New Tarot Deck

What is Tarot Deck?

The tarot is a pack of playing cards, used from at least the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play card games such as Tarocchini.

How To Activate a New Tarot Deck

  1. Set your deck out during the Full Moon or the New Moon.
  2. Start using it on a special occasion.
  3. Use your new deck to refresh your altar space.
  4. Sleep with your new tarot deck under your pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my new deck of tarot cards?

Personally I smudge them and shuffle them and then put them back in order, rinse and repeat. I usually put something like clear q on top of the deck when it’s not in use because after all the shuffling and smudging the orig box doesn’t hold them too well.

How do you open a tarot deck for the first time?

Take some time to make the unboxing as luxurious as possible, light a candle, brew a cuppa and sit comfortably so you can take your time getting to know your new friend of enlightenment. Slowly go through each card in turn and allow the emotions and memories that they evoke to wash over you.

How do you purify a new tarot deck?

Smoke and smudge sticks Sage and rosemary smoke can cleanse tarot cards of their energy. Either light an incense of these scents or burn a smudge stick made of dried plants. Pass the smoke under the cards several times. Salt bath Salt naturally pulls energy away from objects, including tarot cards.

How do you bless a new tarot deck?

Light the incense and allow it to begin smoking then pass the cards through the smoke three times. As you do this simply tune your attention to welcoming the cards and the relationship you are going to form with them, into your home.

How do Tarot cards work?

The cards are laid out on a flat surface in a specific pattern, known as a spread. Each position in the pattern has a different significance, and the meaning of the card has to be read through that lens: for example, you might pull a card to signify your past, or something that’s holding you back, or a hidden strength.

Does your first Tarot deck have to be a gift?

How you come into possession of a deck doesn’t matter. It matters that you learn and practice as much as possible in order to be the best Tarot reader that you can be. Remember, the self-help flavor that has taken over modern esotericism relies on the concept of self-empowerment.

Do I shuffle a new tarot deck?

Go through the cards looking at the cards, check for meaning (you don’t have to memorize this, but get familiar with the cards), then shuffle the cards at least 7 times with a 1/2 twist each time (to randomize the cards and facings).

How do you respect a Tarot deck?

However, bottom line really has nothing to do with the material you use to store your cards. I think taking care of them, keeping them together, putting them away after use, always knowing where they are, these are things that show respect for your deck.

How do you cleanse a tarot deck fast?

There are several ways, some involving the use of crystals or setting the deck on a windowsill to bathe in the light of a full moon. If you prefer to keep things simple (like me!), simply putting the cards back in order will suffice. Or you may light some incense and pass the deck through the smoke a few times.

Can I sleep next to my tarot cards?

If you pull a card that has super positive connotations, or an intention that you want to sleep about or dream about, then sleeping with the card can be a great idea. However, some people might find that the energy from tarot decks can be distracting for sleep. If you feel pulled to sleep with a card nearby, go for it.