How To Activate a New Standard Bank Card

How To Activate a New Standard Bank Card

What is Standard Bank Card?

A bank card is typically a plastic card issued by a bank to its clients that performs one or more of a number of services that relate to giving the client access to a bank account. Physically, a bank card will usually have the client’s name, the issuer’s name, and a unique card number printed on it.

How To Activate a New Standard Bank Card

  1. Sign in to the Mobile Banking App.
  2. Tap on the menu icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Select ‘Manage Cards’
  4. Available cards that have already been ordered will be shown.
  5. Select your card and tap ‘ACTIVATE CARD’

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate my new card?

Call the bank’s card activation number that can likely be found on the activation sticker on the front of your debit card. Listen to the prompts on your call and go through them to activate your card. You can also talk to a customer service employee, at the bank or on the phone, if you need assistance.

How do I activate my Stanchart debit card?

How to activate credit and debit card

  1. Login to the App.
  2. Select “Service Requests”
  3. Step 2 Go to “Card Management” Select “Activate Debit Card & Set PIN” if activating a debit card Select “Activate Credit Card & Set PIN” if activating a credit card.
  4. Select the card to be activated and follow steps to activate.

How do I activate my bank first card?

Debit Cards

  1. To activate and set your Debit Card PIN, or change your PIN, call 1-800-992-3808.
  2. To report a lost or stolen Debit Card, call 1-800-554-8969.
  3. If you plan on using your Debit Card outside of your home state, please call 1-844-771-9302 in advance.

How long does a new card take to activate?

Once your new card is in hand, activation takes just minutes.

What happens if new card is not activated?

If you don’t activate a credit card within a certain timeframe and don’t use it, your account may be closed automatically and be reported as ‘closed by credit grantor’, which could have a negative impact on your credit.

Can I activate my new ATM card online?

There is a way to activate a Debit Card online via NetBanking. For that, You need to login to the respective bank’s internet banking portal. Once you log in, go to the section marked as ‘Debit Card’.

How do I activate my ATM card over the phone?

Call your bank to have an operator help you with activation.

Most banks provide a toll-free number you can use to activate your card. This number may be located on a sticker on your ATM card, in the letter mailed with your card, or on their website. Call the toll-free number and follow the prompts.

Can I activate my Standard bank card at an ATM?

You will need to visit a branch to activate your card and set your ATM pin.

How can I activate my Standard Chartered debit card offline?

To activate your debit card offline, you can visit any of the Standard Chartered Bank ATM and swipe your debit card. After then, you need to select the “Set/ Re-generate PIN” and an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. After entering the OTP, you can set your desired debit card PIN.

Can I withdraw money from Standard Bank ATM without card?

Visit a Standard Bank ATM or a participating retailer. Select ‘Withdraw money’ and enter the amount. Enter your chosen 4-digit voucher PIN which creates an Instant Money voucher which you’ll receive by SMS.