How To Activate a New SIM Globe

How To Activate a New SIM Globe

What is SIM Globe?

An international SIM card or travel SIM card allows you to connect to a local network in various countries around the world. In this manner, you can avoid excessive roaming fees that your local operator or carrier may charge when you are abroad.

How To Activate a New SIM Globe

  1. You’ll receive a text message from Globe to confirm your SIM registration details.
  2. Text SIMREG to 8080 to confirm your details and registration.
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation message from Globe that you’re now registered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Globe SIM not working?

Insert a different Globe SIM card to your own phone and check if it will get signal. If the other Globe SIM gets a signal, your SIM card may be defective and may be subject for replacement. If found defective, you can go to the nearest Store to replace your SIM. Don’t worry, your number will be retained.

Do I need to activate my new Globe SIM card?

If you have just bought a new SIM, you must register it to activate it and begin using it for call, text, and data services. All existing Globe Postpaid and Platinum account details are now included in the SIM Registration database for their convenience and in compliance with the SIM Registration Act.

Where can I activate my Globe SIM?

  1. Activate your SIM by checking balance, sending a message, or turning your data.
  2. Claim via the GlobeOne app or by texting FREE to 8080.

What is Globe One number 199?

Globe’s ONENUMBER199 is an add-on service that allows you to share your mobile phone number with your Apple Watch. Thanks to eSIM technology, you can now power your Apple Watch with LTE connectivity and enjoy a vast array of life-enabling benefits.

How long does it take for Globe SIM to activate?

Note: The SIM serial number should be clear and readable. The Globe store will activate the newly-issued SIM within 24 hours.

How can I use my Globe SIM abroad?

To activate your roaming, you may:

  1. Dial *143# using your Globe mobile. This is toll-free both here and abroad.
  2. Call the roaming hotline at +63277301212. This is also toll-free both here and abroad. Toll-free numbers and collect calls only apply when using a local number or landline.

How can I reconnect my Globe SIM?

Easy reconnection

To restore your outgoing services, you simply need to pay all or 100% of your unbilled usage plus any remaining balance from your previous bill. You can then request for reconnection through our customer care hotline at (02) 7730-1000 or reach out to us at via FB Messenger.

How can I activate my inactive Globe SIM at home?

To reactivate your SIMs and restore full mobile services, customers have to connect to a WiFi network and complete their SIM registration via Globe’s dedicated platform at or through the GlobeOne app.

How can I activate my Globe SIM after porting?

Just insert your Globe Prepaid/TM MNP SIM and enter the Prepaid Porting Code. Your SIM will be activated and your signal will switch to Globe within 4 hours. Great!

How do I scan a QR code with Globe?

For Android:

  1. Open the device and connect to the internet.
  2. Go to Settings > Click “Connections”.
  3. Click “SIM Card Manager”.
  4. Click “Add Mobile Plan” > Click “Scan Carrier QR Code”
  5. Scan the eSIM digital QR code.
  6. Click “Confirm”.
  7. The eSIM will be displayed with your mobile number. Your device is now ready for use.