How To Activate a New SD Card Nintendo

How To Activate a New SD Card Nintendo

What is SD Card Nintendo?

There are micro SDXC and micro SDHC memory cards. Both are plug & play in the Nintendo Switch. The difference between these memory cards is in their storage capacity. A micro SDHC usually has up to 32GB storage, while a micro SDXC offers up to 2TB storage.

How To Activate a New SD Card Nintendo

  1. Select “System Settings” from the HOME Menu.
  2. Select “System” → “Formatting Options”. *If parental controls are enabled, you’ll need to enter the PIN.
  3. Select “Format microSD Card”.
  4. Select “Continue”.
  5. Select “Format”. Formatting the microSD card will erase all of the data on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my SD card work on my Nintendo Switch?

Check for any dirt or debris either in the microSD card slot or on the microSD card connectors. If there is visible contamination on either one, the microSD card may need to be replaced and the system will need to be sent in for repair.

Why is my Nintendo not Recognising my SD card?

If the microSD card is not compatible with the console, replacing it with a compatible type may resolve the problem. If the microSD card label indicates it is SDXC, reinsert the microSD card back into the console. Then power on Nintendo Switch and be sure to perform a system update.

Can I use any SD card for Switch?

Only microSD cards can be used on the Nintendo Switch console. Due to the slot size, SD cards and miniSD cards are not compatible with Nintendo Switch.

What is the largest SD card for Switch?


32 GB of internal storage, a portion of which is reserved for use by the system. Users can easily expand storage space using microSDHC or microSDXC cards up to 2TB (sold separately).

How does the switch on an SD card work?

The sliding switch on the side of an SD card can be used to “lock” the card from writing to it. What this means is that, if the switch is set to the “down” or “lock” position, then the files that are on that card can be read, accessed, and even copied, but not modified or deleted.

What to do after installing new SD card?

Set up a new SD card

  1. On your device, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Tap the notification SD card detected.
  3. To set up your SD card for: Portable storage, select Format. Adoptable storage, select Format another way.
  4. Once your SD card is formatted, you can choose to Move content or Move content later.

Do I need to format a new SD card before use?

SD cards, like all types of removable disks and other media, need to be formatted before they’ll work as a form of storage. This formatting process creates a file system, or directory structure, to store files. When the SD card is formatted a second time, the formatting uses the same file system but deletes the files.

What to do before using new SD card?

When you buy a new SD card, it is crucial to format it before using it. This will ensure that the card is compatible with your device and will work properly. Formatting the card will also delete any existing data on the card, so be sure to back up any files that you want to keep before formatting.

Are SD cards locked to switch?

On the left side of it, there is typically a small lock switch that’s used to determine the SD card lock position. If it’s switched down, that means it is locked. Sliding it upward will unlock the card and give you write access.

How do I use a new micro SD card?

Insert the SD card into your computer’s card reader.

If your computer doesn’t have a card reader, you can purchase an external adapter that connects via USB. MicroSD cards will likely need to be inserted into an SD card adapter to fit into most conventional SD card slots.