How To Activate a New Safaricom Line

How To Activate a New Safaricom Line

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How To Activate a New Safaricom Line

Get a new SIM card from any of our outlets countrywide, register with your identification document (National ID/ Passport) to get started. Get your favorite mobile phone, activate your SIM and start enjoying our services. Select a plan that suits your voice, SMS and data usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my Safaricom line active?

How to join Safaricom Daima Service

  1. From your Safaricom SIM card, dial USSD *100#
  2. Go to Option 4, ‘My Account’
  3. Select Option 98 ‘MORE’ and choose 9 ‘Daima (keep line active)’
  4. Select Option 1, ‘Activate’
  5. Choose the Daima Service package depending on your budget – Ksh200 to Ksh1,000.

How do I activate my Safaricom SIM card abroad?

To activate Roaming via USSD

  1. Dial *200# and select “Products and Services”.
  2. Select “Safaricom Roaming”.
  3. Select “Activate roaming service” and either:
  4. Data, Voice and SMS.
  5. Voice and SMS Only.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions, “Ts&Cs” as published on
  7. Enter your M-PESA PIN for authentication.

How do I activate a replaced Safaricom line?

Insert the new SIM card to your device and dial*180*1*mobile no. *Original Pin* IMSI# For example, if your number is 0720123456 and PIN is 3434, then it should be like *180*1*0720123456*3434*IMSI#. Where IMSI is the serial number of the replacement SIM Card.

How do I know if my Safaricom line is active?

Dial *106# to. check your registration status and complete your SIM. validation through our self-service portal below:

What is the number for Safaricom service?

Call 400 with the Safaricom line used to pay for the service. Dial *400#.

How long does Safaricom line stay deactivated?

Where we have suspended or restricted access to the Services for any of the above reasons any reconnection is at our discretion, and a reconnection fee may be charged. “Expiry” occurs when your account has been inactive for one hundred and twenty (120) days after the end of the validity period of your last Re-charge.

How do I recover my Safaricom PIN number?

When the customer forgets their M-PESA PIN they will: Dial *334#. Enter their ID/Passport number. Correctly answer 2 of the 3 security questions they have set.

Is 0722000000 Safaricom number?

Recognize Safaricom’s official contacts. Safaricom only calls from 0722000000. Safaricom staff will never ask you to share your MPESA PIN, SIM passcodes or password.

What is the number 707 on Safaricom?

The feature will alert customers via SMS whenever someone tries to register a line using their credentials. The SMS alert from 707 will immediately be sent to your handset and you can reply with ‘NO’ if you are not the one who initiated the registration.

What is Safaricom customer care number for WhatsApp?

The Chatbot also contains a Safaricom Home section where customers can access and review their Safaricom Home Fibre Account details. To access Zuri on WhatsApp, customers will first need to save Safaricom’s customer care mobile number 0722000100 on their phone’s contact list.