How To Activate a New RHB Online Banking

How To Activate a New RHB Online Banking

What is Online Banking?

Online banking, also known as internet banking, virtual banking, web banking or home banking, is a system that enables customers of a bank or other financial institution to conduct a range of financial transactions through the financial institution’s website or mobile app.

How To Activate a New RHB Online Banking

You can reset your password online. Go to RHB Now Internet Banking via and click ‘Forgot Password’ at Login page to do so. You would need to enter your ATM Card, Debit Card or Credit Card details as per your registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate international banking with RHB?

How to enable the CNP and/or Overseas transaction? send to 66300. Note : Your opt-in for CNP and/or Overseas transaction will be effective after 2 business day. Cardholder may walk into any RHB Branch.

How can I register for mobile banking in Mobile?

How to activate mobile banking? Step 1: Open the mobile banking app. Step 2: Click on ‘Register’. Step 3: Create an mPIN using card details and click on ‘Continue’.

How do I register for OTP RHB online?

You do not need to request for OTP. OTP will be sent automatically to your registered mobile phone number when you click “Preview” button upon performing any high risk transaction. For new customers, you can register your mobile phone number to receive OTP during First Time Registration.

What to do if I forgot my RHB online banking password?

Please contact RHB Customer Care Centre at 03- 9206 8118 (Peninsular Malaysia) or 082-276 118 (East Malaysia) to reset the password.

What happen to RHB online banking?

terminated by 31 March 2023

To ensure you are provided with a secured and seamless online banking experience, we will be terminating the classic RHB Now Internet Banking and RHB Now Mobile Banking by 31 March 2023.

Does RHB have online banking?

RHB Now helps you transfer money within the same bank or to a different bank or in a convenient & secure environment. You can remit loans, repay hire purchase and do so much more with ease. Enjoy hassle free transactions when transferring funds to: Your other RHB Bank accounts including MCA account.

How can I activate my RHB debit card by SMS?

Upon receiving your new card, please activate the card immediately. You are also encouraged to change your current PIN to a new 6-digit PIN to minimize any risk of exposure. Type RHBACT <space> MyKad NO <space> last 4-digit card no and send the SMS to 63633.

How do I contact RHB online banking?

List of virtual channels which include Call Centre (03-92068118) and internet banking (

How do I check my RHB Bank account?

  1. Login as User and under. “ Account Management” tab; select “Account Inquiry”
  2. Click “Current Account Balance Inquiry”.
  3. Click to see the Transaction History of the day and to view Account Details.
  4. Click on or .

Can I use my RHB debit card overseas?

It can be used to withdraw cash via any ATM worldwide and can be used to make purchases at any of the retail outlets, restaur ny of the Visa / MasterCard / MyDebit accepted merchants. There is no currency conversion fee on all your overseas retail spend on your preferred thirteen (13) foreign currencies.