How To Activate a New Revolut Card

How To Activate a New Revolut Card

What is Revolut Card?

Revolut Bank UAB provides credit, payment, current account, and demand deposit account services. Insurance distribution service is provided by Revolut Insurance Europe UAB, which is authorised by the Bank of Lithuania as an insurance broker undertaking.

How To Activate a New Revolut Card

  1. Go to the Cards tab in-app → select the card you want to activate → Activate now. Please only activate your card once it’s arrived.
  2. Make a chip & PIN transaction with your new card.
  3. Withdraw cash from an ATM using the card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reactivate my Revolut card?

To reactivate a card, head to the ‘Cards’ section and press on ‘Want to reactivate a terminated card? . You won’t be able to reactivate the card in cases when: Card ‌has expired.

How do I create a new Revolut card?

Go to the ‘Cards’ section, by tapping the card icon in the top right. Tap the ‘Add new’ button. Choose ‘Physical card’ and your card type.

How do I set up my Revolut online card?

Simply download the Revolut app, go to the credit tab and select the ‘credit card’ option. Once you follow the steps required and input your details, you can receive approval within minutes.

Why is my new Revolut card not working?

The most common reasons are: The bank’s fraud rules are triggered. The bank has placed a temporary hold on the customer’s card. The purchase session is locked due to multiple declined payments.

Can I use Revolut without verification?

Revolut Business must follow a regulatory requirement commonly known as ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC), under which we’re expected to verify the identity of our customers.

How do I get Revolut to Unsuspend my card?

Please ensure that it appears in-app as active. If the card is active but Apple / Google wallets claim it’s suspended, simply remove the card from your e-wallet and add it again. Once confirmed and verified, the card should be active. Should the problem still persist, please contact support.

Can I have 2 Revolut cards?

Every individual can hold up to 3 physical cards and up to 200 active virtual cards, with a limit of 200 virtual cards created within 24h per team member. This limit applies to all Revolut Business plans. You can hold multiple cards for free, we don’t charge any extra fees for cards.

How long does Revolut take to verify?

Verification results might take up to 7 days to confirm and verify your Revolut account.

How do I verify my identity on Revolut?

To verify your account, you will need to submit a selfie and live-pictures of a supported document. If you are logged in, click on your profile picture or initials in the top left corner → tap ‘Account’ → choose ‘Personal details’ → Verify My Identity.

How do I set up my Revolut card on my phone?

Revolut customers with Android phones can easily setup Google Pay within the ‘cards’ section of the Revolut app and add their Revolut Mastercard or Visa card into the phone’s digital wallet with a single tap. Even before a physical card arrives, users can start using the app immediately.