How To Activate a New PWD Card

How To Activate a New PWD Card

What is PWD Card?

The PWD ID is a mandatory identification card for individuals with disabilities in the Philippines, serving as proof of disability and granting privileges and discounts.

How To Activate a New PWD Card

  1. Proof of Disability. For Apparent Disability Whole body photo that shows disability physically.
  2. Proof of Residence (any Gov’t issued ID, original Barangay Certificate / Barangay Indigency.
  3. Picture for ID (2×2 photo with white background and frontal shot).
  4. Signature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if someone is PWD?

Who is considered a PWD? Any Filipino with a permanent disability can apply for a PWD ID. Republic Act 10754 defines persons with disability as those with “long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments” that interfere with their interactions in society.

How to apply for SG Enable card?

You can apply:

  1. Online at the SG Enable website.
  2. By mailing the completed application form and supporting documents to SG Enable – Public Transport Concession for Persons with Disabilites, 20 Lengkok Bahru, #01-01, Singapore 159053.

Is diabetes considered pwd?

The short answer is “Yes.”

People with diabetes of all types are protected as people with qualifying disabilities.

How do I replace my PAssion silver card?

Please call PA Contact Centre Hotline at 6225 5322, which operates daily from 8am to 6pm (excluding public holidays), for assistance. Alternatively, you may get your lost PAssion Silver Card (Non-Concession) replaced at your nearest Community Club/Centre (CC). Please note that a replacement fee of $7.50 is applicable.

What is SG Enable card?

Overview. Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Concession Card holders can enjoy up to 55% off adult fares and do not have to pay additional fares for travel distances beyond 7.2km.

Who is eligible for SG Enable?

Eligibility of persons with disabilities:

Singaporeans and Permanent Residents only. Disabilities supported by SG Enable: autism, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and sensory disabilities (e.g. deafness/hearing loss and visual impairment).

What makes a person a PWD?

Hence, persons with disabilities are individuals suffering from any physical or mental condition that puts restrictions on their capacity to do certain tasks and immerse themselves in their environment.

What age is a senior citizen?

Several organizations consider those who’ve attained the age of 55 as older persons, while others define the age at 60 years and above. A lot of Union governments, ministries, departments and private agencies adopt 60 years as the age at which one is classified a senior citizen.

Is there an app for PAssion card?

MyPAssion Mobile Application

PAssion Members can view the latest PAssion merchants, deals and privileges via the application. With MyPAssion, members can login via Singpass to download their PAssion e-Card(s) to enjoy greater convenience at PAssion Merchants that accept the PAssion e-Card as a form of identity.

Can passion card be used for bus?

PAssion Silver Concession Card holders can enjoy concessionary fares when travelling on public buses and train services.