How To Activate a New PUK Code

How To Activate a New PUK Code

What is PUK Code?

A personal unblocking key, sometimes called personal unblocking code, is used in SIM cards to reset a personal identification number that has been lost or forgotten. Most mobile phones offer the feature of PIN protection.

How To Activate a New PUK Code

1. Get the PUK code from the SIM card packaging

2. Sign in on your mobile carrier’s website to get the PUK code

3. Call your mobile carrier to get the PUK code

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a new PUK code?

Contacting your network

If you can’t find your SIM pack, then you’ll need to speak to your network. Your PUK code is tied to the SIM card and the network you’re on, so they’re the only people who can give it to you.

What code can I use to get my PUK number?

The easiest way to get your PUK code is to request it from your mobile phone provider. You may also find the PUK code in your SIM card’s packaging, in your mobile provider’s official app, or in your account information on the web.

What if a PUK code doesn’t work?

Contact the original provider if you need help. Turn off the device and remove the SIM. For steps to remove the SIM, check the Device page for steps. Re-insert the SIM card snugly in the SIM slot, then turn on the device.

Can a PUK blocked SIM be unblocked?

The PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code is a code consisting of 8 digits. It is used to unblock your SIM card when you entered 3 times a wrong PIN code. A card blocked by the PUK code cannot be unblocked; it cannot be used any further and you have to replace it.

Can I unblock my SIM card?

If you entered 3 incorrect PIN codes and your phone displays “SIM card blocked” or “Enter PUK code”, your SIM card has been blocked to ensure your security. To unblock your SIM card, you must enter a PUK (PIN Unlock Key) code.

What is the 8 digit SIM PUK code?

Personal Unlocking Key

Your PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) is an 8-digit code unique to your SIM card. If you don’t know your SIM PIN, you can use your PUK code to unlock your mobile and reset your SIM PIN.

How do I get my PUK code MTN?

You can dial the code from any MTN number and receive your PUK on the number. To retrieve your PUK via USSD, dial *123*7*3# and follow the response.

Can I get my MTN PUK number online?

Retrieve Your MTN PUK Number Online

All you need to do is visit the MTN website and log in to your account. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the PUK Number Retrieval section and follow the prompts. You may need to provide personal details like your name, phone number, and other relevant information.

How many times can you enter PUK code?

If you put in the wrong PUK code 10 times, your sim will be permanently locked and you will need to speak to our customer care team.

Can you unlock SIM card without PUK code?

Unlock the SIM Card Without a PUK Code by Calling Customer Service. The first method you can try is to contact customer service, who will provide you with all the information linked to your SIM card. But first, you’ll need to provide personal information like your name and address to prove that you own the SIM card.