How To Activate a New Phone with eSIM

How To Activate a New Phone with eSIM

What is Phone with eSIM?

Devices with eSIM technology
Samsung brought eSIM to its flagship smartphone lineup with the Galaxy S20, and Microsoft’s Surface Pro LTE was the first Windows 10 device to ship with eSIM technology. Apple introduced eSIM in 2017 with the Apple Watch Series 3, the first LTE-capable Apple Watch.

How To Activate a New Phone with eSIM

Contact your carrier to move your phone number from your physical SIM to an eSIM using eSIM Carrier Activation or by scanning a QR code. Tap Convert Cellular Plan. Tap Convert to eSIM. Wait for your eSIM to activate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you activate an eSIM by yourself?

Android users only: To activate an eSIM-enabled Android on an existing line, you must speak to a Customer Service representative (don’t use Chat). Exceptions: Samsung Galaxy A54 activation instructions. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – Activate/Set Up Device.

How do I manually activate eSIM?

To activate eSIM on Google Android, follow these steps:

  1. Go to [Settings] – [Network & Internet] – Tap the + icon next to Mobile Network.
  2. Tap on [Download a SIM instead] – [Next] and tap “Need help?”
  3. Tap on [Enter Data Manually]
  4. Enter your activation code by copying and pasting it into the appropriate field.

How do I know my eSIM is activated?

For Android devices, here are the steps:

  1. Start off by going to Settings then pick SIM cards & mobile networks.
  2. Next, scroll down and choose Manage eSIM.
  3. Here, you’ll find your activated eSIM. Don’t forget to double-check that it’s turned on.

Can I activate eSIM without QR code?

If you cannot scan the provided QR-code, you can install the eSIM by entering the eSIM installation details manually if you have an Android device. For iOS devices, you can select the Direct method for installing the eSIM on the same device or the manual method.

What is the activation method of eSIM?

With the eSIM activation code method, the customer is given a physical or digital QR code, containing the URL of the SM-DP+, where the eSIM profile is stored. The customer scans the QR code with the eSIM device, and the eSIM profile is downloaded automatically into the device.

How long does eSIM take to activate?

Step 7. The eSIM push for activating a new number can take a few minutes to process. Activations are usually complete in less than 30 minutes.

Why am i unable to activate eSIM?

Sometimes, an eSIM can get stuck activating on an iOS device. This usually happens when you have installed an eSIM but haven’t yet arrived at your destination country/region. You can rest easy knowing that the eSIM is fully installed, even if it displays “activating” or “activation failure.”.

Is eSIM activation instant?

What is an eSIM vs a physical SIM card? An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a built-in, non-removable SIM card. The eSIM lets the user instantly activate a different mobile plan on the same device.

Where do I find the eSIM number on my iPhone?

If needed, refer to Install Device Software Updates.

  1. From a Home screen, tap. Settings. . If an app isn’t available on your Home screen, swipe left to access the App Library.
  2. General. About. .
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Available SIM’ section and view the IMEI. If Dual SIM is active, ‘Available SIM’ won’t be displayed.

What if I lost my eSIM QR code?

If your eSIM card has been deleted, you must contact your carrier and have them send you a new QR code that you can scan in order to activate your eSIM again. Some Carriers offer to see the QR code on your personal page, on their Carrier website.