How To Activate a New Phone with Cricke

How To Activate a New Phone with Cricket

What is Phone with Cricket?

Cricket Wireless is an American prepaid wireless service provider, owned by AT&T. It provides wireless services to ten million subscribers in the United States. Cricket Wireless was founded in March 1999 by Leap Wireless International.

How To Activate a New Phone with Cricket

  1. Insert your SIM card BEFORE you activate (learn how to insert your SIM card here).
  2. Locate your order number and phone number.
  3. Go to and follow the steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to activate a phone at Cricket?

Charges and Fees

Activation FeeApplies to both Cricket-purchased devices and devices that you bring to Cricket.In Store: $25 Online: $0
Device Upgrade FeeA fee for upgrading to a new Cricket-purchased device. (Does not apply to service plan changes.)In Store: $25 Online: $25

How do I add a new phone to my Cricket account?

Using the myCricket App

  1. Open the myCricket App and sign in.
  2. From the home screen, scroll down and select Add a Line. This will take you to the Shop Phones page.
  3. If you’re adding a new line, select Shop New Phones. If you’re switching to Cricket with an existing line or need a new number, select Bring Your Phone.

What number do I call to activate a Cricket phone?

The Cricket customer service number is 1-800-274-2538. You may dial it even if you don’t have a Cricket phone. If you already have one, use a short Cricket phone number – 611, which will give you access to self-service options for account information.

Can you activate a SIM card online with Cricket?

If you purchase the sim card kit you can activate online without visiting a local store. A: As long as you have a Cricket Wireless plan then there should not be an activation charge.

What is the 4 digit PIN for Cricket?

Enter your current account PIN (the four-digit one that was created when you opened the account). If you forgot your PIN, you can call or chat with Customer Support. Select Turn On PIN Security. You’ll see a page confirming PIN Security is now on.

How do I find my cricket transfer pin?

Dial 611 from your Cricket Wireless device. Make sure to say “porting” when prompted. You can also call from any device. When calling Customer Service, you’ll need your Account PIN to generate the Number Transfer Pin.

How do I activate my cricket SIM on my iPhone?

If you’ve got an eSIM-compatible iPhone and a Cricket plan, go to and follow appropriate links based on whether or not you bought direct from the carrier. Android users can only activate an eSIM at a Cricket retail outlet, and support is limited to a handful of Samsung devices.

How do I activate my cricket refill card?

Open the myCricket App and sign in. Tap Payments at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Cricket Refill Card tab. Enter your Cricket Refill Card Number and tap Validate.

Do you need ID for Cricket phone?

At Cricket, we strive to protect your personal information. That’s why we require ID checks in-store when doing certain transactions.

How do I find my Cricket Wireless account number and PIN?

Where can I find my account number? You can get your account number by signing in to your myCricket App, calling or chatting with Cricket Support, or visiting a Cricket store.