How To Activate a New Phone Through Verizon

How To Activate a New Phone Through Verizon

What is Verizon?

Verizon is an American wireless network operator that previously operated as a separate division of Verizon Communications under the name Verizon Wireless.

How To Activate a New Phone Through Verizon

Go to and sign in to your My Verizon account. From your account overview, select Manage all devices. To continue changing a device on an existing line, select Activate your own device. From the Activate or Switch page, select Activate on an existing line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What number do I dial to activate My Verizon phone?

Call (800) 837-4966.

Do I need to call Verizon to activate my new phone?

When you order a new phone from us, it will be ready to activate when you turn it on. Simply follow the steps on your screen to complete activation and set up your iPhone®, Android™ or prepaid device. For additional assistance, visit our Smart Setup tool.

How do I activate My Verizon phone overseas?

Tips on using Verizon TravelPass (1:00)

Make sure you enable roaming before you go, so that you can use data and voice services internationally. Go to settings, select cellular, then roaming, and make sure data and voice roaming are turned on.

How long does it take to activate a phone Verizon?

This process may take 2-3 minutes.

How does Verizon bring your own device work?

What does bring your own device (BYOD) mean? You bring the phone, Verizon supplies the plan. Through the BYOD program, you can activate a Verizon Wireless 4G LTE or compatible unlocked phone on a monthly plan. Be sure your device is unlocked if you are transferring from another carrier.

Will Verizon transfer data to new phone?

Content Transfer only transfers contacts, media, etc. to the new phone that hasn’t already been backed up to a cloud service. To restore content from a Verizon Cloud backup, refer to Verizon Cloud – Android Smartphone – Restore Content.

Can I use My Verizon phone in another country?

We recommend that you add an international travel plan through “Manage International Services” in My Verizon or contact a Verizon Wireless representative by calling 800-922-0204 to ensure your device is ready for international travel. You can automatically add TravelPass to your account.

Can you put a foreign SIM card in a Verizon phone?

With your phone being unlocked, you will be able to use an international SIM while traveling. As far as your US number, it will not be lost as long as you continue to pay your Verizon bill while traveling.

Why is My Verizon not working internationally?

Tip #1 – Before traveling, ensure your device’s roaming settings are turned On. If roaming settings are Off, your device may not be able to use Verizon data or voice services internationally. For iOS devices, go to Settings, Cellular, and turn on Voice and Data roaming.

How do I check if my phone is compatible with Verizon?

Customers can visit Verizon’s website and check the ID, such as the IMEI number, on their device to see if it will work unlocked on the carrier’s network. The company’s move to make it easier to use non-Verizon devices on its network comes as the result of a couple of important trends in the wireless industry.