How To Activate a New Phone on Xfinity Mobile

How To Activate a New Phone on Xfinity Mobile

What is Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile is a wireless network designed to save you money. You’ll stay connected no matter what with the nation’s best LTE network and the most WiFi hotspots. Here’s more of what you’ll enjoy: Up to 10 lines included with your Xfinity Mobile account, unlimited talk and text, with no phone line access fees.

How To Activate a New Phone on Xfinity Mobile

  1. Visit the Xfinity app, select the Services tab, then select Mobile.
  2. Finally, select Mobile lines and data usage.
  3. You will see the number of devices available to activate for your account. If there are multiple devices, select the device you want to activate now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I switch phones with Xfinity Mobile?

More to know about BYOD

  1. Sign in with your Xfinity ID.
  2. Select the device you are replacing.
  3. Select Replace your Device.
  4. Select Bring Your Own.
  5. Select the type of device you are switching to.
  6. Enter the device’s IMEI.
  7. Follow the activation instructions.
  8. Download an eSIM or insert or swap an Xfinity Mobile nanoSIM Card.

How do I know if my phone is activated on Xfinity Mobile?

There’s no need to sit by your phone waiting for it to activate. We’ll send you a confirmation email when you’re good to go. We’ll also email you if there’s an issue with the transfer, with instructions on what to do next. And you can always visit to check your activation status.

How long does it take to activate a Xfinity phone?

about 20-25 minutes

Activating your own phone happens entirely online. We’ll walk you through it, step-by-step. The process will only take about 20-25 minutes from beginning to end, and we’ll send you an email once it’s done.

Can I use my phone on Xfinity Mobile?

Conclusion. Xfinity Mobile offers a wide range of device compatibilities, catering to both iOS and Android users. Whether you’re a fan of the latest flagship devices or looking for more budget-friendly options, Xfinity Mobile has something for everyone.

What is the number for Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile support

Xfinity Mobile specialists are always available to help over chat, text, or the phone. Call us at (888) 936-4968.

How long does it take to get a SIM card from Xfinity Mobile?

If you’re bringing your own device to Xfinity Mobile and need a new nanoSIM (a physical SIM card), you should expect delivery within approximately five business days. If your device supports eSIM, you can follow these steps to activate your phone. Note: For your security, you can’t change where your order is delivered.

How long does it take to receive a phone from Xfinity Mobile?

If you prefer an in-person experience, our store locator can help you find the closest Xfinity Retail Store near you. What are my shipping options? All orders ship free in two business days. Shipped sim cards may take up to five days.

How much is Xfinity Mobile per month?

Xfinity Mobile pricing: pay less and get more

PlanMonthly price (single line)Details
By The Gig$15.00/mo.View Plan
Unlimited Intro$45.00/lineView Plan
Unlimited Plus$55.00/lineView Plan
Unlimited Premium$65.00/lineView Plan

How do I find my Xfinity Mobile PIN number?

Once your account is authenticated, you can view your PIN by taking the following steps:

  1. Click the Account icon. and then select Account and Identity.
  2. Under Your Information, select Xfinity ID and Security.
  3. To view your Security PIN, scroll down to the Service Access section and select Home Phone Security PIN.

Can I put my Xfinity SIM card in another phone?

Yes, you can switch SIM cards between Xfinity phones, provided both phones are compatible with the Xfinity Mobile network and are unlocked. By swapping the SIM card, you transfer the service from one phone to another.