How To Activate a New Phone on Verizon Prepaid

How To Activate a New Phone on Verizon Prepaid

What is Phone on Verizon Prepaid?

 With No Annual Contract Plans (also known as prepaid) you pay in advance for your service, You can also choose from our monthly plans with no deposits or credit checks. Plus, enjoy up to $15/mo savings after 9 months of service, with loyalty discounts and Auto Pay.

How To Activate a New Phone on Verizon Prepaid

  1. Turn on your new phone.
  2. Select New customer.
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to connect your phone to your Verizon account.
  4. Make a call from your phone to complete the activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I activate my new Verizon phone myself?

It’s easy to activate, change or replace your device on an existing line with My Verizon. Go to and sign in to your My Verizon account. From your account overview, select Manage all devices. To continue changing a device on an existing line, select Activate your own device.

What do you dial to activate a Verizon phone?

To get your Verizon phone up and running, you can use the following steps;

  1. Give a ring to *228 from your Verizon phone.
  2. Once prompted, choose option 1 to program or activate your device.
  3. Wait for the call to end and your phone to restart. Make sure you have your Verizon Wireless acco…

How do I manually activate a Verizon SIM card?

Enter the Verizon activation number.

Type in 8778074646 , then tap the “Call” button. You can call this number from any phone to activate your SIM card.

How much is Verizon activation fee?

We charge a one-time $35 fee per device activated or upgraded on the Verizon network.

Is a Verizon SIM card free?

If you order one from Customer Support, the SIM card itself is free but you might have a shipping charge to pay either over the phone or it will be on the bill. I’m most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer. An Accepted Solution is available for this post.

Why is My Verizon SIM not working?

There are several steps you can try to fix a Verizon SIM card error: Restart your device: Sometimes, simply restarting your device can resolve the issue. Check for software updates: Make sure your device’s software is up to date, as updates may include bug fixes for issues related to the SIM card.

Are Verizon phones unlocked?

To combat theft and fraud, Verizon locks all prepaid and postpaid devices for 60 days (check out the full Device Unlocking Policies). After that time, Verizon automatically removes the lock and will not lock phones again at any time.

Can you use a non Verizon SIM card in a Verizon phone?

A locked device is one that will only work with a Verizon SIM on Verizon’s network. An unlocked device can be used with non-Verizon SIM cards on a network compatible carrier’s domestic or international network.

What is the number for Verizon support?

Sign in to My Verizon to schedule a time for a Customer Service Representative to call you. Or, call us directly at 1.800.VERIZON (1.800.837.4966) for assistance. Wait times may be longer than usual during an emergency.

How do I pay My Verizon bill?

How to pay your Verizon home bill. To install the My Verizon app, visit the Apple® App Store® for iOS or Google Play for Android. *The My Verizon app is available to customers with mobile, 5G Home Internet, 4G LTE Home Internet and/or Fios services (i.e., Fios Home Internet, Fios Home Phone, Fios TV) only.