How To Activate a New Patient in Dentrix

How To Activate a New Patient in Dentrix

What is Patient in Dentrix?

Dental practices thrive when they have strong communication with their patients. With Dentrix Patient Engage, you can automatically send appointment and re-care reminders in the ways your patients prefer. Build and protect your practice’s reputation with a suite of tools, from surveys to patient newsletters. With features such as the convenient, self-scheduling in Online Booking, Patient Engage helps you reduce missed appointments and improve production as you build relationships with current and future patients.

How To Activate a New Patient in Dentrix

  1. In the Office Manager, from the Analysis menu, click Patient List.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Give your list a name in the List name field.
  4. Add any filters you deem are necessary to define your active patient list.
  5. Click the blue arrow button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a patient on Dentrix?

Click in the Patient Search box. Start typing a patient’s first name, last name, chart number, or phone number (at least the first four digits). Continue typing as needed to narrow the search results list.

What is new patient count in Dentrix?

In Dentrix, the new patient numbers are calculated based on the patient’s First Visit Date, and the active patient numbers are based on the Last Visit Date.

Does Dentrix have a patient portal?

You can send an email to your patients, and with a click they can access their personal portal from the provided link. Patients can log in without creating an account by simply verifying personal information.

How do I run a patient report in Dentrix?

In Dentrix, click to open the Office Manager. Click on the Reports tab, then choose Management from the dropdown menu. Click on Day Sheet (Charges and Receipts) In the Select Provider section, choose to run the report for ALL.

How do I add patient alerts to Dentrix?

Setting Up Patient Alerts

  1. After you have searched for and selected a patient, open their Notes tab. An easy way to get there is to click the Patient Notes widget on the patient Overview page.
  2. Click Add Note and enter the information in the Add Notes window.
  3. Next, assign the pages where this note will appear.

How do I call Dentrix?

If you need assistance to accomplish a critical task in Dentrix, customer service is only a phone call or online chat away. Call 800.336. 8749 (US) or 800.561. 2983 (Canada), or chat with an expert online.

Where is Dentrix customer ID?

It’s easy. Your Customer ID is the same as your Dentrix customer number. If you’re still unsure, contact us at 1-800-734-5561.

What is FIFO in Dentrix?

The FIFO (First In First Out) method applies the payment toward the oldest completed procedures first. The Equal Payments method splits payment amount equally among all providers with debit balances.

What is day sheet in Dentrix?

The day sheet displays charges, payments, adjustments, and unearned revenue for your organisation, locations, and individual providers for a specified date range.

What are the different types of appointments in Dentrix?

Dentrix Appointment Status

When patients schedule an appointment, you can assign these schedule types: FIXED, OPEN, or ASAP. Use FIXED for patients who need a specific day and time. OPEN is generally used for patients who may be able to come in on short notice.