How To Activate a New Monzo Card

How To Activate a New Monzo Card

What is Monzo Card?

The physical card you get with your Monzo account is a Mastercard debit card. It is not a credit card. You can use it for your day-to-day spending and for cash withdrawals. Any money you spend will come straight from your Monzo account. We do offer a credit card alternative, called ‘Monzo Flex’

How To Activate a New Monzo Card

  1. Tap the Home icon in the menu bar.
  2. Tap Activate new card underneath your Monzo card (if you can’t find this button, swipe down on your list of payments)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my Monzo card for the first time?

The first time you use it, you’ll need to pay by Chip and PIN, but after that you can use your card to make online and contactless payments as well. Some countries use magnetic stripe, or ‘Magstripe’, payments when they swipe your card.

Should I activate my Monzo card before it arrives?

Pick the account that suits you best! Step 6: Activate your card once it arrives We’ll send your new card out as quick as we can. Usually, it’ll arrive within a couple of days. When your card arrives in the post, activate it by following the instructions in your Monzo app.

Why isn t my new Monzo card working?

Activate your new card in the app. If your payment was declined when you were using Apple/Google Pay at a checkout in a shop, there might be a poor connection between your device and the contactless reader.

How long does it take to activate a Monzo account?

Signing up for a Monzo account only takes a few minutes! Just download the app to get started. Once you’ve signed up, your contactless debit card should arrive in the next couple of days.

How do I verify my Monzo card?

A merchant can choose to request this verification if they want to make sure it’s you making the payment. You can approve this by opening your Monzo app, pressing approve and entering your card’s PIN.

Do you get a PIN with a Monzo card?

You set your pin during the sign up process for an account. This is certainly a gotcha of Monzo’s signing up process. People who’re new to Monzo do not expect to be able to set up their card PIN as part of the signing up process. If creating a PIN is requested, they will think that’s the app PIN, not the card PIN.

How do I get my money from Monzo?

You can use your card at any Mastercard ATM (you should be able to see the small Mastercard logo on it). Find your nearest Mastercard ATM.

Does Monzo have online chat?

You can chat to us 24 hours a day for anything urgent, like: if your card’s been stolen. you can’t make an urgent payment.

Where is Monzo 4 digit PIN?

You can recover your PIN by following these steps: Go to the Home tab of your app. Scroll to the the card of the affected account. Tap ‘Card’ and then Reveal PIN.

Do you have to pay for a new card on Monzo?

Otherwise, it costs £5 to deliver a replacement card. If you’re relying on Monzo more as a main bank or if you have Monzo Plus, you’ll get two extra card replacements for free. If you have Monzo Premium, it’s £50 to replace your metal card. There’s more information in our Fee Information document.