How To Activate a New Meter

How To Activate a New Meter

What is Meter?

A prepaid meter is an electricity meter that allows customers to pay for their electricity usage in advance. Prepaid meters work by allowing customers to load credit onto their meter, which is then used to power their home’s electrical appliances.

How To Activate a New Meter

  1. Connect your CIU to a wall socket and switch it on. Ensure there is power supply to carry out this process.
  2. Input your meter number and press enter.
  3. Your CIU will display as successful. This means the process was successful and you can proceed with the recharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does prepaid meters work?

How do prepaid meters work? Simply put, if a prepaid meter is in place, the consumer – be it you or your tenant – has to pay for their utilities before they are used. These meters can be topped up with credit that can be bought both online and at various retailers.

What is the use of prepaid meter?

These meters, also known as prepaid meters, allow users to prepay for electricity in advance, effectively managing their energy usage and reducing their electricity bills. There are two major types of prepaid electricity meters: single phase and three phase meters.

What is the difference between a prepaid meter and a normal meter?

You’ll pay a daily fee

As well as paying for the gas and electricity you use, you pay a daily fee for being connected – known as a standing charge. You pay this with a normal meter too, but when you’re on prepayment you need to have credit to pay it – even on days when you don’t use any gas or electricity.

What is the difference between prepaid and meter?

If a consumer can’t afford an electricity deposit, has poor credit, or requires month-to-month flexibility, a conventional postpaid plan doesn’t help in any regard. Prepaid meters, however, don’t require any deposits or credit checks and only needs a payment of a fixed cost from your side at the beginning of the month.

How do I start a prepaid meter?

can be installed in the domestic properties. With a pre-paid meter consumer can pay for energy before using it-usually by adding money to a “KEY” which is then inserted into the meter. A vend token, provided for the advance payment, is entered through meter key-pad to enable the equivalent energy consumption.

How do I reset my prepaid electricity meter?

Reset your meter by pressing i or the BLUE or # button, this is needed to ensure the 2 parts of your meter initiate connection again. This action should reset your meter.

What is meter reading code?

MR code stands for Meter Reader code. You can find this in any of the BESCOM bills easily. This code helps you to know about the electricity consumption for that particular month easily.

Why is my meter on but no electricity?

If you have power at the meter but not in your home, check the breakers. A tripped breaker or blown fuse is often the cause of a full or partial loss of power. Find your main breaker panel. It may be in the garage, basement, closet, or even mounted on the exterior of your home.

Why is my prepaid electricity meter not accepting my token?

If your meter has not been recoded, it will not accept the tokens you have purchased, which means it will stop working. All prepaid meters must be recoded, whether you are an Eskom customer or a municipally supplied customer.

How do you know if your prepaid meter is faulty?

  • A Significant Increased In Bills. A very obvious sign of a fault in your gas, water or electric meter is when your bills have increased by a significant amount but your consumption doesn’t reflect this.
  • Error Message.
  • Old Meter Box.
  • No Power.